Top 8 Summer Sales at Walmart

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As temperatures get hotter, prices are still climbing higher, and having to shell out more for products that were much cheaper in the past can be painful. But, you can still count on Walmart to offer some great deals on the items you need to make the most of your summer.

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Whether you need extra seating on the patio, a new swimsuit to start the season or a fan to keep you cool, here are the top eight summer sales you’ll find at Walmart.

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Outdoor Furniture

While you might have to order it online, you can find some amazing deals on outdoor furniture that feature prices rivaling those you often see at the end of the summer season.

Walmart’s Mainstays Belden Park 4-Piece Outdoor Furniture Patio Conversation Set is $198, offering over $146 in savings off the regular price of $344.07. And if a rocking chair is more your style, you can pick up Mainstays Outdoor 2-Person Double Rocking Chair for $109, down from $165.

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Camping Gear

“Especially for Father’s Day, but well beyond that, Walmart has great affordable items under the Ozark Trail brand,” said consumer analyst Julie Ramhold of DealNews. “For instance, you can find a three-person tent for around $34, but do keep in mind that items like that may be better suited for light camping in the backyard rather than camping in the woods.”

You can also get a great deal on a 10′ x 10′ Ozark Trail Canopy, which could come in handy if you need a place to get out of the sun. Walmart is offering it for $44.97 — $10 off the regular price.

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Outdoor Power Equipment

If summer yard work is part of your to-do list, Walmart has some excellent deals on outdoor power equipment. You can pick up a Hyper Tough 20V Max Cordless Combo Kit, which includes a 10-inch string trimmer and 130 mph sweeper for $78, or almost $20 off the regular price.

The store also has a Hyper Tough 20V Max 22-inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer for $61, down from $78.

Make Your Money Work for You
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“One item to not overlook this summer at Walmart are bicycles for both adults and children,” said Shane Matthews, a budgeting and saving professional and founder of Return Policy Guide. “With the summer deals coming into full swing, bikes are on sale. A bike is a great investment for summer as it allows you to get more active and also use your car less (which is a must with high gas prices!).”

Walmart has Decathlon Rockrider Mountain Bikes at amazing discounts. The adult bike is priced at $198, which is a $200 savings, while the kid’s version is $148, which saves you $150.

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Outdoor Toys

Summer is the perfect time to play with outdoor-themed toys, and Walmart has them on sale just in time for the season. The Play Day Sand and Water Table is $22.88, marked down from $34.97. And the Razor Black Label Hovertrax Hoverboard is priced at a huge savings of $60 — $138 down from $198.

Make Your Money Work for You
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“This remains one of the best summer items you can purchase at Walmart,” said Ramhold. “Prices are so reasonable right now, which is surprising given swimwear is in high demand and we don’t usually see great prices until the season begins winding down. However, at this point, you can find swimwear for as little as $10 at Walmart, so if you need a new suit, it’s an ideal place to check.”

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Outdoor Cooking Items

Cooking outdoors is a summer tradition for many people, and Walmart has just what you need to get the job done. When cooking pancakes and eggs or hotdogs and hamburgers, the Blackstone Adventure Ready 22″ Griddle with Stand and Adapter Hose is the perfect pick.

You can grab it at Walmart for $187 — a savings of $30 off the regular price. And if you prefer a charcoal grill, you can pick up the Expert Grill Kamado with cast-iron cooking grids and 27-hamburger capacity for $267, which is also a $30 savings. Walmart also has pellet grills and gas grills at great prices.

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“Much of the United States is facing a heat wave right now and depending on the area you’re in, you may be asked to curtail your electricity usage, which means not using the a/c as much as you want,” said Ramhold.

“In lieu of that, stocking up on some powerful fans for less is a good way to keep air circulating and prevent that melting feeling, or at least help to mitigate it. Walmart has a ton of different fan options, so if you need to get the air moving in your home, check this store for affordable prices. I saw some as low as $15, although best sellers were closer to $30.”

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