Video: Bargain Shopping? Try Bargain Savings!

The following comes from Jason Vitug of

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Bargain shopping! Ehh, no — bargain savings! Hi, my name is Jason Vitug and this is my 2014 Summer Savings one-minute tip. That was actually a mouthful …

Bargain savings is taking advantage of Thuge markdowns and at the same tip, padding your savings account. So instead of actually “saving” on the amount that you’re spending, you’re putting money away.

I recently fell for the 30 percent discount and bought myself a new pair of sneakers. Yes, at a cost of $44, it was pretty much a bargain. So what I did was that $15 savings on this purchase, I went ahead and took that money and transferred it directly into my savings account. So not only am I $15 richer in my savings goals, I get to sport a new pair of kicks.

Now that is bargain savings.