Video: How to Use Price Matching Guarantees to Save Money

Shasta Walton is owner of Faithfully Free, a lifestyle and money saving blog. She is a military wife and mother of four, so she knows how important it is to stretch a dollar!

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Listen up team, it’s time to save some serious cash. I’m going to give you a tip today that’s going to help you save more money and put more money back into your savings account.

You want to know how to do it? Two words: Price matching. It’s where you go and you collect all their ads. You browse them. You see are there are any good deals in these ads this week? Yes, there are.

What do you do? You take them to the big box stores and you say, “Look at this! Price match this people!” And guess what they do. They price match it because they guarantee to do so.

Actually I could tell you a story about my friend who got 128 pampers for only $9.50 because of Dollar General. Thank you!

So yeah, get your ads, go to your big box stores and say, “Price match, please! Thank you.”

Price match on three! One, two, three: price match!