Virgin Mobile Cellphone Plan Review: No Contract and No Limits

Save on your cellphone bill with these Virgin mobile plans.

Cellphone bills are often outrageous, and for some, practically unaffordable, creating a need for alternatives. Virgin Mobile offers a contract-free, inexpensive and reliable network. Virgin Mobile is a solid option for an affordable cellphone plan. Because Sprint owns Virgin Mobile, it reaps the benefits of Sprit’s network, the third-most reliable cellphone network, in line prominently right after Verizon and AT&T. Additionally, Virgin Mobile offers 4G LTE coverage. Here’s a closer look at Virgin Mobile, which could be a cheaper way to get the cellphone service you need.

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Virgin Mobile Cellphone Plan: The Inner Circle

Virgin Mobile plans have no hidden fees, no yearly contract and even offer a 14-day guarantee. The wireless service provider offers one simple option: Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Plan Details

With Virgin’s phone plan, Inner Circle, you get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $50 per month. To qualify for this discounted monthly rate, you have to sign up for autopay, and if you use over 23 GB of data during a billing cycle, you will be deprioritized and subject to slower data speeds.

Virgin Mobile Member Benefits

Virgin Mobile customers enjoy special Virgin Mobile deals and benefits like access to deals at retailers including H&M and Fandango. Members can also take advantage of mobile-optimized video streaming at up to 480+ resolution, music at up to 500 kpbs, as well as streaming cloud gaming at up to 2 Mpbs.

Make Your Money Work for You

Virgin Mobile Cellphones

Whether you’re an iPhone fanatic or a die-hard Android user, you won’t necessarily have to sacrifice your favorite phone to join Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is compatible with iPhone SE and newer, as well as with a selection of Android phones. You can choose between purchasing a new phone or using the one you already own, if it’s compatible.

If you opt to buy a new Virgin Mobile phone, you can page through its selection of new and “pre-loved” iPhones. Currently, if you purchase a new iPhone or bring your own iPhone to Virgin Mobile, you qualify for unlimited talk, text and data for just $1 per month for six months.

Virgin Mobile Competitors

Virgin Mobiles stacks up fairly well against its no-contract and prepaid competitors with unlimited plans. Check out the following chart to quickly compare:

Virgin Mobile Inner Circle vs. Competitors’ Unlimited Plans
Wireless Provider Plan Price Per Month Benefits
Cricket Wireless: Unlimited $60 Unlimited 4G LTE data access, talk and text
Boost Mobile: Unlimited Gigs $50 Unlimited talk, text and data
Optimized streaming for videos, games and music
MetroPCS $60 Unlimited talk, text and data
10 GB hotspot
Verizon Prepaid: Prepaid Unlimited $75 Unlimited talk, text, high-speed data
Nation’s best overall coverage
Straight Talk Wireless: Ultimate Unlimited Data $55 Unlimited talk, text and data

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