7 Ways To Save 50% Shopping at Target

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Even your favorite stores to shop at for their everyday low prices and great selection of items, like Target, have been affected by climbing inflation.

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If you’re noticing that your Target receipt is steeper recently, you might be wondering about some quick and easy ways to knock some costs off the bottom line. You’ll be excited to hear about these tips we gleaned for cutting your spending in half at Target, by speaking with Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com.

Shop the Sales

Ramhold said the easiest way to save at Target is to shop the sales, and to remember that Target brings sales to you through the app.

“Target has weekly sales that start every Sunday, so be sure to check it out on a regular basis,” she said. “You can sign up for newsletters and receive an email whenever the new ad is released, but you’ll also receive a push notification if you download the Target app.”

Make Your Money Work for You

Because Target sells a little bit of everything, its weekly sales often will include deals on several categories at once, from clothing to electronics to books to groceries and more. That is helpful for limiting your trips.

Download the App for Target Circle Offers

While there’s no harm in browsing Target’s online offers, Ramhold said the app makes shopping in person easier because you can scan the app at checkout.

“There are hundreds of different offers every week, and they’re also tailored to your shopping habits,” she said. “For instance, if you frequently buy particular beauty brands or specific food products, you may see special offers just for you in Target Circle some weeks.”

Apply for a RedCard

You may have noticed that every time you shop at Target, you’re asked if you have a RedCard. If you keep saying no, Ramhold said, “You’re missing out on everyday discounts.”

You have two options: a credit or a debit card. The only real differences between them are that the debit card is linked to your chosen bank account and you can withdraw up to $40 at checkout with it.

“Either way,” Ramhold said, “both the credit and debit cards offer you 5% back on your purchases every day, free two-day shipping on many items, RedCard exclusives and even an extended return period.”

Make Your Money Work for You

Embrace Target’s Brands

Target has figured out how to save you money by manufacturing its own in-house brands, which Ramhold called”premium quality at reasonable prices.”

Ramhold said not to worry about losing quality or flavor either.

“I’m a devoted fan of their Good & Gather hot cocoa mix, for instance,” she said, “and it’s half the price of fancier brands like Starbucks. And their Stars Above clothing line is super comfy. Plus, up & up offers beauty and personal care items for excellent prices, and A Favorite Day has everything from ice cream to trail mixes that have gourmet flavors.”

Target’s website makes it easy to shop all of its in-house brands in one convenient place.

“All of them are more affordable alternatives to the big name-brands as well as quality that’s better than or equal to them,” Ramhold said.

Use Target Circle Offers

Remember that you can use your Target Circle offers in future trips, even if you don’t have use for them currently.

Make Your Money Work for You

“And often even if you don’t redeem one of these offers, Target will still offer you a similar — or the same — one in the future because you showed interest,” Ramhold said.

Pay With Your RedCard

If you said yes to the RedCard, make sure it doesn’t stay in your wallet.

“Hands down, this is the easiest way to cut your Target spending in half,” Ramhold said, “as you’ll earn 5% back on every purchase and it stacks with other savings, too.”

All Together Now

Any one of those methods above will help save you money, but putting them all together is going to add up to the most significant savings. If you had to pick just one area to make the most savings, however, Ramhold said, “Hands down, switching to Target’s own brands is probably one of the easiest swaps to make that will have one of the biggest impacts.”

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Make Your Money Work for You

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