What’s Your Recession Spending Personality?

This current economic downturn has forced everyone to put themselves and their spending behaviors under the microscope. No longer are the masses lumped into one large demographic category of “consumers.”

With less money flowing through the economy and through our hands, man people have reinvented themselves and have developed new recession spending personalities.

(Photo from twcollins at flickr)

Have-it-all Barbie

This doll has it all. A fabulous home, luxury cars, the latest appliances and even high-end designer shoes.

Did she work for it? Not really. All of her luxury items are just an entrapment made of plastic.

If you are still using your credit cards with full abandon, then so are yours.  Although it’s perfectly all right to do things that make you happy and treat yourself, you should never live a lifestyle you can’t afford. Especially now.

Your recession spending personality matches that of the one-hit-wonder Aqua song: “I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!”

bargain-spending(Photo by roadsidepictures at flickr)

Bargain Betty

For years you have operated on a tight budget and with the current state of affairs you are enthusiastic about getting more creative with your ways.

You look at shopping as an adventure. How low can you go?There is nothing in your closet or in your home that wasn’t bought on sale.

Budgeting is essential to your life and you rarely go over. Basically, you’re Barbie’s exact opposite.

You are still living within your means and thriving from the recent rash of steals and deals courtesy of the recession. Be careful though, you don’t want to end up like Ebenezer below.

zen-spending(Photo by zenonline at flickr)

Zen Master

Sourpuss kitty Garfield once headlined his own Saturday cartoon show with his friends, including the wise sheep, Bo. Bo once said something along the lines of ‘There are only two problems in this world. Those you can solve and those you can’t solve. Don’t worry about the one’s you can solve as you’ll solve them, and don’t worry about the ones you can’t solve as you can do nothing about them.”

If when spending your money you follow this mantra your recession spending personality is a bit Zen.

It’s not that you’re ignoring the economy, you’re just accepting that it is what it is. Really.

scrooge-spending(Photo by mezzocielo at flickr)

The Tightwad Ebenezer

Shopping with the goal of keeping all your pennies to yourself is actually a big consumer trend and with the holidays fast approaching you may be thinking twice about sharing your “Christmas Goose.”

Prior to the economic meltdown you were already a bit of a hoarder and the current situation is only exasperating your natural tendencies. If a penny is on the ground, you carefully add it to your stash.

While saving is great, it’s nice to splurge once in a while. You shouldn’t deny yourself everything or those pesky ghosts might come visiting.

gi joe-spending(Photo by b3ni at flickr)

G.I. Joe, the Government Promoter

Joe was a man of action for the government, and so are you!

Instead of hemming and hawing over every financial decision, you have decided that Uncle Sam needs you to shop, now! Even though you are only one person, you feel like you can really make a difference. The question is can you? Do you have the time and the money to?

Due to all the government incentives such as the first time home buyers credit and the infamous Cash for Clunkers program you took action and helped your country in the process.

It takes all types of recession spending personalities to make the world go round. If you know of any other “characters” please feel free to post your thoughts here.