When Do Black Friday Ads Come Out?

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Amazon is not the only game in town for Black Friday deals, and as the holiday season approaches, the anticipation for Black Friday ads is palpable. So, when do Black Friday ads come out? Keep reading to find out.

When Do Black Friday Ads Come Out?

Black Friday ads typically start appearing as early as mid-October, with major retailers like Costco and JCPenney leading the charge. This trend continues with various stores unveiling their ads progressively. While the exact timing can vary, shoppers can generally expect a flurry of ads in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, with some retailers even extending deals throughout the entire month of November.

Drawing on past trends, here’s a look at when major retailers will unveil their Black Friday ads. These forecasts can help savvy shoppers plan their strategies to capitalize on the upcoming sales.


Costco unveiled its Black Friday ad in mid-October, setting the stage for a series of enticing deals. The early Black Friday specials begin on Nov. 13, followed by exclusive online savings starting Nov. 23. The peak of the sale, featuring the most significant discounts, will run from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27.


Hot on their heels, JCPenney revealed its Black Friday ad on Nov. 1, spicing things up with Early Access deals.


Unlike others, Target has been teasing early Black Friday deals since Oct. 29, releasing new offers every Sunday. This strategy keeps the anticipation high and shoppers engaged.

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Walmart’s Black Friday deals unfold in two events this year, with the first set of deals launching on Nov. 8 and the second round beginning online on Nov. 22.

Best Buy

Predictions are on Best Buy releasing its Black Friday ad around Nov. 17, one week before the big day but shoppers can get a head start with Black Friday deals online now.


Lowe’s launched early access to some Black Friday deals in late October, featuring a range of sales on appliances, power tools and holiday decorations. Shoppers can expect weekly ads from Lowe’s leading up to Black Friday.

Home Depot

Home Depot’s Black Friday deals span the entire month. Expect additional deals and discounts to be revealed around Nov. 23, continuing until month-end.


GameStop tends to release their Black Friday ads closer to Thanksgiving, keeping their cards close to their chest until the last minute. This strategy ensures a burst of excitement just as the Black Friday fever peaks.

Final Take

As the excitement for Black Friday mounts, one thing is clear: the deals start rolling in early and keep coming. Whether shoppers are eyeing tech gadgets, home essentials or fashion finds, staying alert for these ad drops is key to snagging the best deals. Make sure you mark your calendars and set reminders to make the most of this Black Friday season.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Black Friday.
  • What day do Black Friday deals start?
    • Traditionally, Black Friday deals begin on the Friday following Thanksgiving. However, in recent years, many retailers have started offering Black Friday deals much earlier. It's common to see deals beginning in early November, and in some cases, as early as late October.
  • Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday?
    • The term "Black Friday" originally referred to the heavy traffic on the day after Thanksgiving. The term was later embraced by retailers to signify the start of the holiday shopping season, with "Black" symbolizing the transition from financial loss (red) to profit (black), driven by the substantial increase in sales.
  • How much of a discount is common for Black Friday?
    • Black Friday discounts can vary widely depending on the retailer and the product. On average, shoppers can expect discounts ranging from 20% to 50%, with some retailers offering even steeper discounts of up to 70% or more on select items. High-demand products typically see more modest discounts, while older or overstocked items may be heavily discounted.
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