Which Dollar Store Has the Cheapest Groceries?

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Prostock-Studio / iStock.com

An increasing number of Americans are heading to dollar stores for their grocery shopping needs. According to a 2023 study published in the American Journal of Public Health, dollar stores are the fastest-growing food retailers in the United States. In recent years, dollar stores have expanded their food offerings and now offer a wide variety of affordable groceries. 

To keep from driving all over the place to find the best bargains, many shoppers want to know where the best grocery deals are at specific dollar stores.

Which dollar store has the cheapest groceries?

Cake Mixes

  • Best Deal: Dollar Tree

Baking a cake or cupcakes and need a cake mix? A small selection of Pillsbury cake mixes is available to purchase from Dollar Tree for just $1.25 each. 

Compared to shopping elsewhere, Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at DealNews.com, said these are a solid bargain if you can find them in your local Dollar Tree. Available flavors include yellow, chocolate, vanilla and even Funfetti.

Canned Vegetables

  • Best Deal: Dollar Tree

David Bakke, shopping expert at DollarSanity, recently did a price comparison in terms of groceries and dollar stores. Bakke said he found canned vegetables were cheaper at Dollar Tree and beat the competition by 10 cents overall.

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Pasta Noodles

  • Best Deal: Family Dollar

Shoppers looking for the most affordable pasta noodles are recommended by Bakke to shop at Family Dollar. Penne pasta in particular is 50 cents cheaper at Family Dollar than it is at other dollar stores.

Pasta Packs

  • Best Deal: Dollar General

While dollar store shoppers can find single pasta packs at Dollar General, Ramhold said the better value is purchasing their twin packs. Ramhold uses the example of Dollar General’s Suddenly Salad Twin Packs which are priced at $4 compared to $2.75 for a single box.

“These are great to keep on hand because they make easy side items for meals, especially during the summer when it’s hotter and cold dishes may be preferred. Plus, they’re a good base if you want to add other veggies or meats to bulk them up,” Ramhold said.


  • Best Deal: Dollar General

Whether you’re feeding the family or yourself, you don’t have to break the bank for breakfast. Ramhold recommends shoppers head to Dollar General for their wide variety of cereal pouches. Each pouch is just $1. This adds up to big savings compared to family-size boxes of cereal, which Ramhold said could be priced around $5 at big-box stores.

Mashed Potato Mixes

  • Best Deal: Family Dollar

At just $1.50 each, these mixes are a bargain for families cooking a comfort dinner or preparing for the holidays. Ramdhold said the variety of flavors available at Family Dollar include four cheese, buttery homestyle, loaded baked and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Marshmallow Creme

  • Best Deal: Dollar Tree

Another baking staple, marshmallow creme is available for $1.25 for Dollar Tree shoppers. Ramhold said it’s a good shelf-stable ingredient to keep on hand for making sweet treats, including frosting, or to top a fresh baked cake. 

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