Apple’s New AirTags Track Your Keys, Wallet and More

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Are you always losing your keys or misplacing your wallet? Or maybe it’s the TV remote control that slips under the couch cushions. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s virtually inevitable that you misplace some of your most important items from time to time — and waste hard-earned money replacing them. Apple has come up with a simple solution: the AirTag.

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This small tracking device easily attaches to your keys, wallet, backpack or any other items you don’t want to lose at home or on the road.

One tap connects the AirTag to your iPhone or iPad via Apple’s Find My app. You can play a song to elicit a response from the AirTag if it’s within range, or ask Siri to help you find the item you lost.

The AirTag is water resistant, which is helpful if you have to fish your keys out of the pool while you’re on vacation. The battery for each device is designed to last more than a year.

Make Your Money Work for You

Where to Buy AirTags

You can buy AirTags from large retailers, like BestBuy and Walmart, that carry Apple products. But if you buy your AirTags directly from the Apple Store app or, you can have them personalized with your initials, a fun emoji or both, according to the Apple website.

The AirTags retail for $29 for one or $99 for a packet of four. There are plenty of handy aftermarket accessories to carry them, as well.

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Apple Launches a Slew of New Products

The AirTag launched this spring, but it’s not Apple’s newest product. On Tuesday, the company announced its new iPhone 13 with 5G, a new Apple Watch and the latest iPad. CNBC reported that the new iPhone is not a great advancement from the 12, which also includes 5G capabilities, but does boast faster processors, more photography features and longer battery life.

In spite of the product launches, Apple stock was down slightly at market close Tuesday, dropping less than a dollar. However, many investors remain bullish on Apple as a long-term hold. “The stock has been rather sleepy for the better part of a year and now investors are starting to bid up,” Delano Saporu, New Street Advisers founder, told CNBC. “I think one of the reasons why, if you look at it on a trailing 12-month basis, price to earnings are about 29 times, which is lower than most of the FAANG names.”

Make Your Money Work for You

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Make Your Money Work for You

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