Cheapest Flights Across the US Around the Holidays and New Year

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If air travel is in your future during this holiday season, you might be wondering how badly the airfare will strain your bank account. The good news is that there are still deals to be had — even if you’re flying out of some of the most popular airports. No matter if you want to spend New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple or spend your holiday gambling and enjoying lavish Christmas displays in Las Vegas, here’s how you can save big by snagging some of the cheapest flights right now.

Denver to Houston: Dec. 19-26

Save 66% when you book a round-trip flight from Denver to Houston, which will cost you $238.97. You’ll depart Denver on Frontier Airlines Flight 758 at 4:35 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 19, and arrive at Houston Intercontinental around 8 p.m. Six days later, you’ll board Frontier Airlines Flight 759 at 8:55 p.m. and arrive back in Denver around 10:30 p.m. Easy-peasy.

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Miami to New York: Dec. 22-28

If you want to head up the East Coast for the holidays and spend some time in the Big Apple, you can grab a round-trip flight for $205.99, which is 58% cheaper than the regular price for this route. You’ll depart on the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 22 from Miami International Airport on Spirit Airlines Flight 3173 and arrive at New York LaGuardia at approximately 10:42 p.m.

Your return flight, Frontier Airlines Flight 2879, will depart close to 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 28, and you’ll arrive in New York around 2 a.m. the next day.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas: Dec. 24-28

Spending the holidays in Vegas can be quite a delight. Depart on the morning of Dec. 24 from LAX on Spirit Airlines Flight 1720 and arrive in Las Vegas in a little over an hour.

You’ll fly back to Los Angeles on the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 28 on American Airlines Flight 2690. Round-trip tickets are $209.99 each, which is 49% cheaper than the average price on this route. 

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Phoenix to San Francisco: Dec. 25-31

You can get a phenomenal deal on a round-trip flight from Phoenix to San Francisco — $85.99 — if you’re willing to travel on two of the most celebrated days of the year. You’ll depart from the Phoenix airport on Dec. 25 at around 7 a.m. and you’ll arrive in San Francisco by 8:33 a.m. PST — with the whole day ahead of you.

On New Year’s Eve, you’ll have to get back on a plane around 6 p.m. However, you’ll arrive back in Phoenix around 9 p.m., leaving you plenty of time to find someone to toast a glass of bubbly with as the clock strikes midnight. For your willingness to travel on days that most people won’t, you’ll save a whopping 81% compared to the average price for this route.

Los Angeles to New York: Dec. 25-Jan. 7

If spending New Year’s Eve in New York City is your dream, and you don’t mind spending Christmas Day on a plane, you can save 84% on your round-trip, cross-country ticket and pay just $360.40. You’ll hop on American Airlines Flight 539 out of LAX at 10:12 a.m. and arrive at LaGuardia close to 11 p.m. that night. You’ll have plenty of time to recover from New Year’s festivities. Your return flight, American Airlines Flight 2813, will depart from LaGuardia on Jan. 7, 2022, at 8 a.m. and you’ll arrive back at LAX around 2 p.m.

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