Your Cost to Visit the Most Romantic Cities in the World


For some, the definition of romance is an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. For others, it’s a chalky candy heart. No matter where you fall on the romance spectrum, we all can agree that one thing isn’t romantic: price tags.

Before planning your Valentine’s Day jaunt or a romantic weekend getaway, make sure you know the costs so you can stick to pillow talk.

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Estimated Cost: $201 per day

You can’t start this list with anything other than the City of Love. You know the drill: Sip wine on the Seine, get your obligatory Instagram shot of the Eiffel Tower, marvel at the breathtaking sights and visit the Louvre, which is free on the first Sunday of each month.



Estimated Cost: $145 per day

One of the most underrated tourist destinations in the world, Montreal is roughly 75 percent of the cost of a Paris vacation.

The trendy city also offers foodie-approved dining and mild climes along the St. Lawrence River, plus love-bird parks such as the Jardin Botanique de Montreal. Even better, you can still brush up on your French for all of those whispered sweet nothings.

FilippoBacci / iStock.com

Florence, Italy

Estimated Cost: $132 per day

From the art of Michelangelo to the high fashion of Gucci, lovers can’t go wrong with Italy. Touring galleries hand-in-hand is a must, but don’t forget to grab a gelato and watch the sunset from atop the Duomo.

dravko Ciric / Shutterstock.com

Lucerne, Switzerland

Estimated Cost: $144 per day

If you want fairy-tale love, Lucerne is straight out of Grimm’s. The Richard Wagner Museum regularly holds grand-piano concerts, and the 14th-century wooden Chapel Bridge is the perfect place to pop the question. Just sayin’.


Cape Town, South Africa

Estimated Cost: $111 per day

You might not think of South Africa when you think of metropolitan museums, cable cars and horseback riding on the beach, but you should. Every day in Cape Town costs about 1,373 rand, but don’t get sticker shock — that’s only $111 USD, which makes Cape Town one of the travel hot spots where your dollar goes further.

Duncan Hsieh / Flickr.com

Kyoto, Japan

Estimated Cost: $78 per day

Ryokan inns create an intimate vibe in Kyoto, and visiting this zen-infused destination in the spring means you’ll see the iconic cherry blossom trees in bloom. It’s a must if your better half is into tea ceremonies, authentic ramen or quiet meditation.

And take advantage of Kyoto’s affordable prices while you can — it’s one of many destinations that are expected to get more expensive in the near future.

saiko3p / Shutterstock.com

Boracay, Philippines

Estimated Cost: $50 per day

You can’t bring up romantic destinations without talking about tropical islands. For those who prefer unbridled romance, Boracay is all about partying. As Travel+Leisure puts it, “Ample nightlife … sets the tone. Travelers come here to let loose.”

7Michael / iStock.com

Maui, Hawaii

Estimated Cost: $148 per day

It might not get points for originality, but sandy beaches, enchanting waterfalls and lots of mai tais remind you that Maui is famous for a reason. Seal your journey with a stunning sunrise at Haleakalā National Park, where reservations are only $1.50 per car.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Estimated Cost: $92 per day

Want some V Day hipster cred? Try Vilnius, a bohemian choice characterized by Baroque architecture, historic castles, placid lakes and fragrant gardens.

In the Old Town of Senamiestis, get lost on cobblestone streets as you tour the many historic cathedrals scattered throughout the city.

Dominik "Dome" / Flickr.com

Mérida, Mexico

Estimated Cost: $32 per day

Lonely Planet points out that Mérida is not only a safe destination, it’s a wonderful under-the-radar spot for the starry-eyed.

Hit up the flamingo-inhabited fishing village of Celestún before catching a show at the Teatro José Peón Contreras theater or just napping on the beach.

Jon Chica / Shutterstock.com

Marrakesh, Morocco

Estimated Cost: $59 per day

The Red City doesn’t just match the Valentine’s color theme, it matches its heart. Open markets, cafes and live shows in Djemaa El-Fna inject your trip with adventure. And travelers often stay in picturesque, courtyard-equipped houses called riads. It’s no wonder Forbes named Marrakesh among the World’s Most Romantic Cities in 2017.

Although Marrakesh is affordable to visit at just $59 a day, you can save even more money — if you get creative. Morocco is, after all, one of the best destinations you can visit on $50 a day or less.

Diego Delso / Flickr.com

Seville, Spain

Estimated Cost: $131 per day

It’s not just the Mediterranean climate that makes Seville well-known among romantics, it’s the combination of upscale hotels, the Cathedral of Seville and the cornucopia of museums. Get cultured at the Museo de Bellas Artes by day, then get wild with flamenco dancing at night.

Henrik Berger Jorgensen / Flickr.com

Aix-en-Provence, France

Estimated Cost: $135 per day

A sleepier alternative to Paris, Aix is all class. Walk the same trails trod by Cezanne as you take in the ivory-colored Sainte-Victoire mountain, or wind down with an espresso on the terraces at Cours Mirabeau. Whatever you do, just don’t do it in a hurry.


Charleston, S.C.

Estimated Cost: $113 per day

The Independent says Charleston makes the ideal “backdrop to a romantic weekend away from the daily grind,” and its mainland location makes it much easier to take a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway.

As you’re browsing the quaint galleries of the French Quarter or taking a horse carriage ride under the shady, mossy arms of ancient oaks, you might just feel like cuddling.

Felipe Kuhne / fsandbox / Flickr.com

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Estimated Cost: $209 per day

Monaco was made for sweethearts with a taste for extravagance. At less than $20 a pop, tickets to the Oceanographic Museum and all of its aquatic attractions offer a lot of bang for their buck. That means you’ll have more to gamble with at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, one of the most elegant casinos on the planet.

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Estimated Cost: $47 per day

When you’re nicknamed the City of the World’s Desire, you’d better come through with some serious romance.

Don’t worry — the galleries, tea gardens and Ottoman mosques of Istanbul all live up to the title. And did we mention the nightlife? You might just need a reinvigorating Turkish bath in the morning.


Siena, Italy

Estimated Cost: $130 per day

If Tuscany’s good enough for the label on your Chianti, it’s good enough for your Valentine’s getaway. This medieval Tuscan city is packed with texture and character, not to mention tons of classical music, art and historic architecture. Don’t let that distract you from treating your beau to a locally famous panforte cake, though.

Michael Levine-Clark / Flickr.com

Bruges, Belgium

Estimated Cost: $121 per day

In Bruges, the stone streets and fairy-tale churches might make you think you got transported to the inside of a snowglobe. Boat rides through canals rival the romance of Venice, and ice skating on local ponds during the chillier seasons gives you all the more reason to cuddle as you listen to the pipe organ at St. Giles.

Leonid Andronov / Shutterstock.com

Edinburgh, Scotland

Estimated Cost: $81 per day

Edinburgh is a budget-friendly getaway, but don’t let the Georgian architecture fool you into thinking Edinburgh is old-fashioned. Quirky couples will revel in avant-garde performing arts and wonderfully weird ghost tours.

Brendan van Son / Shutterstock.com

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Estimated Cost: $62 per day

This Valentine’s Day, don’t buy pearls — take a trip to the Pearl of the Adriatic instead.

The Old Town of this walled city is a haven for artists, painters, playwrights and thinkers, which means you’d better write a poem at that Placa cafe table. Oh, and if you routinely curl up to “Game of Thrones,” you’ll recognize plenty of locations from the show.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estimated Cost: $25 per day

Few things are as romantic as the tango, and few cities are as romantic as its birthplace. Put all the money you’ll save on day-to-day expenses toward the cafes and artisanal boutiques of the Feria de San Telmo. Free art events, from pop-up galleries to dance classes, are as common as the decadent dulce de leche in this city of passion.

Olga Kashubin / Shutterstock.com


Estimated Cost: $139 per day

An opera date is a time-tested Valentine’s Day gift, but you might as well go big with an unforgettable trip to the iconic Sydney Opera House.

That distinct silhouette isn’t all Sydney has to offer, though. Let your inner kids out over ice cream and rides at Luna Park before flirting among the flowers at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Lisbon, Portugal

Estimated Cost: $106 per day

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital, but it’s more laid-back than bustling. For the couple who wallow in culture, a leisurely walk through Lisbon gets you to dozens of museums and gardens, and live music is never far away. Share a kiss over the River Tagus as you take a ferry to Cacilhas.

Gordon Shukwit / Flickr.com


Estimated Cost: $146 per day

Rome’s ubiquitous ancient ruins lend the city a sense of sweeping romance, but don’t sleep on its metropolitan culture, including tons of nightlife hot spots, cosmopolitan shopping and cutting-edge eateries.

Whether you’re into historic statues or handbag shopping, take the whole city in with gorgeous nighttime views from the top of the Vittoriano. Another bonus: Rome is one of the cities that are getting cheaper to visit.

Luciano Mortula - LGM / Shutterstock.com

Barcelona, Spain

Estimated Cost: $141 per day

One of the best destinations for retired couples, the steamy mystery of Barcelona is your gateway to Hemingway-flavored romance. The city’s unique Gaudi architecture provides a colorful backdrop for wining and dining the day away with the menu del dia. Dodge the tourists in the hip, tucked-away quarter of Gracia.

pedrosala / Shutterstock.com

New York City

Estimated Cost: $228 per day

For a love affair straight out of the movies, take the apple of your eye to the Big Apple. From ice skating at Rockefeller Center ($25 outside of peak season) to posing together atop the Empire State Building, memories are waiting to be made.

When you’re done with the touristy stuff, lay low with pizza or bagels from the city’s endless supply of deliciously intimate late-night dives. But to stay on budget, make sure you use these insider secrets to save money on your NYC trip.

Mattia Panciroli / Flickr.com

Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.

Estimated Cost: $122 per day

Carmel-by-the-Sea entices you to disappear without ever leaving the United States. This Monterey Peninsula arts town is a perpetually quiet village that doesn’t have a single fast-food chain but has plenty of postcard-worthy views and locally owned cafes. Mild temps and a nostalgic atmosphere make it easy to let time slip away on the shores of Carmel Beach.

evenfh / Shutterstock.com

Copenhagen, Denmark

Estimated Cost: $161 per day

Are you and your partner really into mid-century style and foodie-friendly dining? If so, Copenhagen says “hello.”

A culturally cutting-edge city that feels like a sleepy small town, the Danish capital is rich with art, food and entertainment. You should check out Tivoli Gardens and step back into the innocence of adolescence together.



Estimated Cost: $96 per day

You can’t get much more romantic than a stroll along the Vltava River and a kiss on the Charles Bridge. Prague is your time portal back to a more enchanting era, where you can spend the day in the famed Prague Castle and the night getting saucy at the Prague Dancing House.


Venice, Italy

Estimated Cost: $123 per day

Look up “romance” in the dictionary, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a picture of a Venetian gondola.

Travel+Leisure calls Venice’s “winding waterways and pastel piazzas an obvious choice for the world’s most romantic city.” And because there are no cars, traffic noises will never break the mood.

William Murphy / Flickr.com


Estimated Cost: $128 per day

Energetic and unexpected, Dublin makes for the perfect surprise vacation. Foggy days, Guinness brews and warm comfort food are waiting to be discovered while St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Dublin Castle stand front and center. Dublin is a city of storytellers; might as well make it the setting for your life’s big love story.

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Estimated costs were sourced from Budget Your Trip, accessed between Jan. 13 and 15, 2018. Estimated costs are per person, per day and include accommodations, food and water, local transportation, entertainment, tips and alcohol expenses.