I Spent 3 Months Traveling the World on My Honeymoon — Here’s How

These newlyweds took honeymooning to a new level.

When my then-fiancé and I got engaged in 2013, we knew we wanted it all: the dream wedding, the dream honeymoon, the dream life. We would peruse Pinterest boards for hours, read travel blogs and think to ourselves, “What’s stopping us from living the most exciting and adventurous life imaginable?” The answer was simple: nothing.

It wasn’t a matter of where we would go for our honeymoon. The question was, “Where wouldn’t we go?” As an aspiring travel writer, it was my dream to travel everywhere on the planet and it was an even bigger dream to do so with my husband by my side. In the end, we went to five countries for three months: Norway, Germany, Morocco, Indonesia and Australia. And we had the time of our lives.

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My husband and I did a lot of things to save for the wedding and honeymoon of our dreams, like each getting two jobs, and no longer going out drinking. We got some travel credit cards and managed to stay with friends on the road. But of all the things we learned, these tips are what got us the furthest.

We Learned About Travel Hacking

We got further around the world with the help of travel hacking. Ever heard of it? It’s basically using travel rewards to your advantage. Opening a credit card and using the signing bonus for flying miles, joining a dining program or shopping from a web portal are just a few options when it comes to earning miles and hotel points.

Honestly, you can get sucked down the rabbit hole when learning how to travel hack. I once heard of a guy who flew around the entire world for $418. It’s insane. Just be careful, opening up too many credit cards for the sake of traveling can be quite dangerous.

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We Cut Our Expenses (and Our Social Lives)

The period before the wedding/honeymoon of our dreams was no picnic. We stopped shopping, we stopped drinking, we stopped spending frivolously. It was probably one of the hardest things we did, mostly because planning a wedding was so stressful and we just wanted to cut loose. But to go far, you have to work hard.

What you need to do is take a piece of paper and split it into two columns: wants and needs. Needs include food, rent and a car (if you absolutely need it). Wants include clothes, coffee, trips with friends, etc. Write down everything you’re currently doing and put each item in the appropriate column. Be honest with yourself here and then start cutting out the “wants” from your life — temporarily, anyway. If you want that dream honeymoon, it will only work if you do.

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I Started My Own Blog/Freelance Business

One of the reasons so many people are becoming bloggers and freelancers is because they can work and make money from anywhere. At the time, I didn’t have enough followers or viewers to charge for my services. But I was able to trade a night’s stay at a hotel for a review.

If you want a seriously long honeymoon like ours, consider what skills you have and how you can best utilize them. Become a photographer and charge tourists or locals for your work. Work as a freelance writer. Try using your graphic design skills. This will not only help you make money as you travel the world, but you could even exchange some of your skills to get free things on the road.

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