I Travel to One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth for Next to Nothing

Explore the hidden gems in your own backyard.

When you grow up in Western Canada, you take the vast beauty of the Rockies for granted. We have some of the most stunning, breathtaking mountains in the world. As a child, going to see them was commonplace. There are people that travel from all over the world to visit our mountains, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how lucky I am to be an hour drive from such majestic — and cost-effective — beauty.

If you have a national park, mountain range, jungle or otherwise special spot near you, I’d encourage you to take advantage of just how inexpensive it is to travel and explore these serene spots in your own backyard. As someone who has a full-time job, it can be easy to waste your weekends away, watching Netflix on the couch, but if nature is close to you, go out and explore.

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Here are a few ways our family has been able to save when it comes to exploring our very own national park: the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

Check ‘Secondhand’ Websites for Deals on a Park Pass

Here in Canada, it costs money each time you enter a national park. There are annual passes available though, and when tourists come to visit they tend to sell these types of passes for a fraction of the cost after they are done with their trip. Check sites like Craigslist or Kijiji for discounted park passes.

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Pack a Picnic

There is nothing more rewarding after a grueling hike than to scarf down some food. Packing a picnic the night before means you can enjoy eating on the top of a mountain while saving money on pre-packaged food. Plus, lunch with a view.

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Carpool With Friends

If you live near the mountains, make your hike or adventure a group activity. Chances are you have a couple hours of driving, and while gas may not seem like a lot of money, every little bit add up. Splitting the cost makes it even more financially viable.

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Enjoy the great outdoors this summer and make sure to research what’s available to explore in your own backyard. You never what amazing adventure may have been under your nose the whole time.

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