Best Personal Finance Expert of 2014 Here

We Want to Know: Who is the Best Personal Finance Expert?

Some might judge expertise by the number of best-sellers a finance guru has written, or even the number of Twitter followers he has, but GOBankingRates is going straight to our readers for the answer. We know all of the biggest names in personal finance provide their followers with great tips and ideas, but whose advice is so compelling, so engaging, that they can boast having the largest and most loyal fan base?

This December, we’re asking GOBankingRates visitors to vote for their favorite finance experts and personalities to determine the top choice for 2014. This year’s finalists are:

Robert Kiyosaki, Emma Johnson (RetailMeNot), Tiffany Aliche (The Budgetnista), Jeanette Pavini (, Rachel Cruze, Sharon Epperson (CNBC), Dave Ramsey, Cameron Huddleston (Kiplinger), Josh Felber, Farnoosh Torabi, Suze Orman and Warren Buffett.

Each year, we are astonished by the level of participation in our Best Personal Finance Expert competition; our experts have accumulated tens of thousands of votes, inspiring an outpouring of support from followers, with thousands of comments across GOBankingRates, Facebook and Twitter. We expect 2014 to be our biggest year yet.

How It Works

Each day, beginning Dec. 1, we will publish the bio of one expert featured in our poll. While bios will be published during the first 12 days of December, voting takes place throughout the entire month. Visitors are allowed to vote more than once, so feel free to come back every day and ensure your top pick is winning.

Voting is now closed for Best Personal Finance Expert of 2014. You can still vote for your favorite personal finance expert of 2015:


  • only12financialexpertsever

    LAME same people every year

    • Derek

      Half the list are new people?

  • jake s

    There are actually half new people- who else would you add to the list?

  • Jake A

    I wouldn’t included Buffet. He’s not a personal finance expert, he manages a large corporation, he’s a corporate finance expert for sure.

    • James Massey

      I include Warren Buffet. So many people study him for his mass media transmitted mentorship. Also, read Ben Graham, Senior’s writings that inspired Warren Buffet.

    • he’s a stock investor… and if you’re a stock investor, it means you’re investing in companies, which means you ought to learn about corporate finance anyway

  • Lauri Flaquer

    I think Farnoosh Torabi offers very practical advice and is committed to helping people in a kind way. Best of luck Farnoosh.

  • Winner Bird

    Rajendra Patel

  • Alexis Morales

    Kiyosaki will win no doubt

  • mc

    Just finished a book by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. They are my favorites now 🙂

  • If anyone in here is PERSONAL in their personal finance career, it would be Dave and Rachel.

  • Slave_to-the_man

    Ramsey offers the most sensible and easy to use info for the common man.

  • Vitālijs Mališevs

    vote for Robert Kiyosaki he opened my eyes

  • Doug Collins

    I vote for @DaniJohnson ….to bad she’s not on the list.

  • Ryan Planchon

    Clark Howard doesn’t make the list? A mixture between Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey makes the most sense to me. Robert Kiyosaki would be next in line.

  • Ad

    how come I’m not on the list?

  • Kimberly Ochwangi

    Mr. Robert Kiyosaki…thank you!

  • Steve Cox

    No Clark Howard or Ric Edelman who was 3 times ranked #1 independent advisor in the nation by Barron’s.? Dave Ramsey is #1 though

  • Robert Kiyosaki

  • Alyssa Denise

    Robert Kiyosaki change the way I think about money

  • The big problem I have with Dave Ramsey, is actually related to the effect on credit which the advice he gives on debt has. Credit and debt are not the same thing. They are closely related but different. The advice he gives on debt, destroys your credit and leaves you with no credit. Credit will affect your life whether you are going to take a loan out or not. Credit is used in some cases to determine if you can get a job or not, your insurance rates and even if you can rent an apartment or car. So having no credit can destroy or hinder your life. I personally hate debt, and the idea of credit cards, and if I could I would love to just avoid it all together, unfortunately everyone else does not feel that way and if I want to continue to profitably interact with everyone else then I will need credit. However thankfully I do not need debt to build credit and that is what Mr Ramsey seems to overlook in his advice on debt. And that is why I cannot vote for him.

  • HilaryWest


  • Ningthoujam Manisana

    Vote for Robert Kiyosaki. He is the Best.

  • Adarom

    Robert Kiyosaki, ya que revoluciono el concepto de ver las finanzas complejas a sencillas.

  • Daniel Reyes R Jr

    Robert Kiyosaki……

  • opio alex eliak

    I am very greatfull for Robert Kiyosaki. he has made a very different person now. He deserves the best.

  • Al Enderle

    In México, Robert Kiyosaki, I don´t know the others. . .

  • My all votes for Josh Felber

  • John Ryan Manabat

    I vote Robert Kiyosaki. He is the best financial adviser of all

  • @budi_rachmat

    i vote Robert Kiyosaki is the best.

    I am following Robert Kiyosaki since 2004, and now i sell “Cashflow-101 game” board version Indonesia language.

  • Chris

    Robert kiyosaki is the best. no other person does it like hm. Sure! win win 4 hm…..

  • Marian Kassin

    Wow trying to vote for Dave Ramsey but when I chose his name the program bounces to someone Male elses picture Sorry Dave I tried YOU ARE MY Choice 100% Marian Kassin Michigan