Spring Bank Savings Account Review

savings account is one way to safely save for your future, but unless you’re earning an impressive rate, you might not hit your saving goals. Here is a review of a Spring Bank savings account.

Spring Bank understands your need to prepare for important life events, such as buying a house, paying for college and planning for retirement. Some people are in a position where they can put hundreds into their savings account each month. But because that isn’t a reality for most people, working with a bank that offers higher rates is key to maximizing savings account growth.

While other financial institutions feature accounts that earn less than 0.10% APY, Spring Bank prides itself on offering generous savings account interest rates.

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What You Can Expect From a Spring Bank Savings Account

Spring Bank offers a variety of savings products to meet your unique needs, including a Statement Savings account and a Youth Statement Savings account, as well as club accounts.

New York depositors benefit from a variety of savings options, as all of the bank’s savings accounts feature a competitive rate of 0.85% APY with no minimum balance required to open or maintain the accounts.

Get Started With a Spring Bank Savings Account

All savings products with Spring Bank are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. Customers can take advantage of convenient services with the financial institution, such as online banking and bill pay.

To open a new Spring Bank savings account, visit the bank’s official website to complete an application, or visit a branch in person to speak with a knowledgeable banker.

  • Stephanie Barbaran

    Gotta love the “no minimum balance required” selling point!

  • Benjamin

    How is this better than an Ally savings account?
    I’m looking to open a new account and would like to know the pros and cons.