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Stack of 100 dollar bills with US Treasury illustrative check to illustrate American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 payment with social security card for retirees.

Social Security: New Bill Could Give Seniors an Extra $2,400 a Year

Social Security recipients could get an additional $2,400 a year in benefits if a new bill recently introduced to Congress wins approval — something seniors would no doubt welcome as surging…

Turner worker working on drill bit in a workshop stock photo

What is the Social Security Earnings Test & How Does It Affect Your Retirement Income?

If you claim Social Security benefits before reaching full retirement age and continue to work and earn above a certain threshold, you may be subject to the retirement earnings test. This could result…

businessman evaluating most expensive stock

What Is a Stock Split and How Does It Impact Your Portfolio?

Often, investors will get notified of a stock split and worry that it might impact their portfolio. Learn what it means for you when companies split their stock.

Covid-19 lockdown, bill payment, home accounting, domestic finance and tax stock photo

Here Are 5 Myths About Annuities Expertly Busted by a Professional

With the current high inflationary environment combined with quickly rising interest rates and increased market volatility, some experts say now is the time for investors to consider adding annuities…

Caring mother helping her daughter to choose and buy all the essential school supplies stock photo

Tax-Free Holidays in 2022: When Your State Has Them (and For What Items)

A sales tax-free holiday is a limited-time period where a state allows sales tax to be eliminated or reduced on categories of consumer products. These holidays are usually short in duration and are…

Mother And Son Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet stock photo

Social Security: Benefit Recipients Should Know About These Two Credits This Tax Season

This year in particular, it's more important than ever to pay special attention to how you file your taxes; as a result of last year's stimulus bill, you could be entitled to credits and rebates you…

Cola with a large splash, isolated on blue stock photo

SNAP Benefits: Can You Use Your EBT Card/Food Stamps to Purchase Soda?

SNAP, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered at the state level, provides food assistance to low- and no-income households across the U.S. SNAP benefits can only be…

Mike Pence addresses National Conservative Student Conference, Washington, USA - 26 Jul 2022

How Much is Former Vice President Mike Pence Worth?

It hasn't been that long since former Vice President Mike Pence, 63, walked arm in arm with former President Donald Trump, but since he certified that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election, it…

Business man doing check-in stock photo

Travel Protection: New Proposal Could Make Refunds for Cancelled Flights More Efficient

Travel demand is near pre-pandemic levels, but airline staffing shortages have caused an increase in delays, cancellations and angry customers. In response to air travel service complaints, the U.S….

Man Holding Magnifying Glass Looks At Interest Rates stock photo

What Is the Current Prime Rate and How Does It Affect You?

The prime rate has been increased four times this year. Here's a closer look at what the prime rate is and how it affects the average consumer.

Discovery, WarnerMedia And AT&T Photo Illustrations, Krakow, Poland - 09 Feb 2022

Should You Buy Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) Stock After HBO Max and Discovery+ Merger News?

In his first earnings report since an April merger created one of the largest media companies in the U.S., on Aug. 4 Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) CEO David Zaslav announced plans to combine HBO Max…

Confident male real estate agent gestures toward a beautiful view out the window of a new home.

Housing Prices Are Expected to Drop in These Cities — Is Yours One of Them?

Housing prices could drop by as much as 10% in many U.S. cities, per Fortune, referencing a new report from Moody's Analytics. However, the dip won't represent a national home price correction,…

Back view of embraced mature couple looking at view while relaxing on a jetty at river.

Social Security: Benefits Protected Against Inflation, But Majority of Americans Remain Unaware

The recent four-decade high inflation — combined with market volatility and fears of a looming recession — are taking a toll on Americans, with 66% of respondents now worrying more (than they did…

Mother and daughter shopping vegetables groceries store.

SNAP Schedule: Virginia EBT Card Benefits for August 2022

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, helps low-income households purchase the food they need to make nutritious meals at home. In Virginia, SNAP is administered by the Virginia…

Back to School Outlook, South Miami, United States - 27 Jul 2022

Back to School Shopping Season: Why Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Gap Plan to Slash Prices

As inflation continues to squeeze family finances in all areas, many Americans have switched their spending habits to include cheaper options and to cut discretionary purchases. See: 9 Dollar Tree…

Close up of a senior couple dealing with their home finances.

Are Social Security and SSI the Same Thing?

Social Security benefits replace a portion of your lifetime earnings when you retire, develop a qualifying disability or go to your spouse, children or survivors after you die. Unlike Social Security…

GO in the Know 5

GO in the Know: Gas Prices Are Falling Nationwide & Top Financial News for August 5

It's (almost) time to start the weekend! Catch up on today's top financial stories now before you head out. See you on Monday! The Big Lead: Gas Prices Are Falling Nationwide, Except in These States…

social security benefits application form

Sen. Ron Johnson Suggests Making Social Security & Medicare Discretionary Funds — How Would That Impact Your Benefits?

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson shared with listeners of "The Regular Joe Show" podcast recently that Social Security and Medicare benefits should be considered "discretionary funds." Here It Is: Our…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Gregory Pace/Shutterstock (5421510ec)Michael Burry'The Big Short' film premiere, New York, America - 23 Nov 2015.

‘Big Short’ Michael Burry Warns of Stock Market ‘Silliness’ in Another Cryptic Tweet

Michael Burry, of "The Big Short" fame and founder of the hedge fund Scion Asset Management, took to Twitter again, this time warning of "silliness" in the markets. Here It Is: Our 2022 Small…

New York, July 19, 2016: A Capital One ATM on the streets of Manhattan with people walking by.

Overdraft Fees are Big Business for Banks — Which Banks are Dropping Them?

If there's anything that can get the blood boiling for bank customers, it's being charged an overdraft fee for making payments that exceed their available balances. Although research from the American…


Social Security Benefits May Be Taxable

If you are collecting Social Security benefits during retirement or you receive survivor or disability benefits through Social Security, you could be liable for income taxes on a portion of those…

Rolled up orange towel on a sun lounger background of pool in resort or hotel.

Looking To Lounge by the Hotel Pool in a Nice Recliner? In Some Places, You’ll Pay a Hefty Fee

One of the joys of staying in a nice hotel is having access to things you don't have at home, whether it's spa treatments, fine dining or a swimming pool with comfortable lounge chairs. You expect to…

Smiling teenage girl with mother choosing fruits and vegetables in supermarket stock photo

SNAP 2022: What Items Are Eligible for Purchase With Your EBT Food Stamps?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is the largest federal nutritional assistance program in the U.S. SNAP helps boost the purchasing power of low-income households via a monthly…

Pouring some time into tackling some paperwork stock photo

Social Security Stimulus Snafu: California and Florida Are Leaving the Poorest Out Of Inflation Relief

To help combat the rising costs associated with inflation, some states are offering relief checks to residents — but apparently not all residents. It seems that those not eligible to receive funds…

Father and son at supermarket stock photo

SNAP Benefits for Texans Increased for August, but Many Still Don’t Have Funds

On Aug. 2, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is extending emergency SNAP benefits to Texas residents, providing more than $305.5 million to SNAP…

stressed female having headache while working on report in office.

Were You Ghosted by a Recruiter? Here’s Why It Happens

One of the first rules of job hunting is that you should never take rejection personally. There could be any number of reasons you weren't hired that have nothing to do with your qualifications. This…

Brea, CA, USA – August 1, 2021: A white Tesla charging at Tesla Supercharger Station at the Brea Mall in Brea, California.

Tesla Net Worth: How Much Is Tesla Worth and Is It Worth Investing?

Tesla is a Wall Street darling. But will it stay that way? Learn about its current state, value and future outlook to help you decide whether to invest.

Tired woman on bed stock photo

Get Paid to Sleep: Casper is Hiring an Elite Sleeper, But You Have to Be Able to Power Nap

Have you ever lost sleep looking for a job? Well rest easy, now you can sleep and get paid for it. Casper, the mattress and bedding company, is looking for elite sleepers. See: 5 Affordable Places To…

Lebanon - Circa June 2022: Dollar General Retail Location.

Dollar General to Offer Fresh Produce in 10,000 Stores, Starting in Arkansas

On Aug. 2, Dollar General announced plans to increase fresh produce options at 10 of its locations in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to Talk Business & Politics. This news coincides with Dollar…

Banner on the New York Stock Exchange marking the Initial Public Offering of Snap Inc.

How Much Is Snapchat Worth?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps among young people, averaging 347 million daily users. Learn about Snap Inc.'s market value and net worth.

San Francisco, California, USA city skyline.

Top 10 US Cities Homebuyers Are Leaving

The housing market has been slowing down because of higher mortgages, interest rates and a red-hot inflation. Now, new homebuyers are also choosing to relocate as housing costs are becoming too…

Photo illustration in Brazil - 05 Sept 2021

Use QuickBooks for Taxes? Intuit Warns of Phishing Scams That Collect Your Personal Data

Intuit has warned its QuickBooks accounting software customers of phishing scams that can collect personal data. Explore: 5 EBT Scams To Watch Out ForFind: 7 Things You Should Never Do When Planning…

GO in the Know 4

GO in the Know: Social Security’s Future for Millennials & Top Financial News for August 4

Today offers so many reasons to celebrate — it's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, IPA Day, White Wine Day, Single Working Women's Day, and even Hooray for Kids Day. But before you cheers to some…

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Social Security: Will My Spouse Get More Money If I Wait To Claim Benefits?

You can claim Social Security benefits anytime after reaching full retirement age, but more delayed retirements credits are applied to your eventual monthly payouts each year you hold off up until age…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock (12234446b)Lucid Motors all-electric vehicle, the Air, on display outside the Oculus at the World Trade Center in New York.

Major EV Company’s Stock Nosedives – Time to Invest or Sell?

Electric vehicle (EV) company Lucid drastically slashed its production outlook for 2022 by 50% citing supply chain issues, which sent the stock tumbling more than 12% in pre-market trading on August…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jose Luis Magana/AP/Shutterstock (12977292l)Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen arrives to testifies before the House Ways and Means Committee at a hearing on proposed fiscal year 2023 budget on Capitol Hill in WashingtonYellen Inflation, Washington, United States - 08 Jun 2022.

Yellen Meets With Top CEOs on Inflation Reduction and Ways They Can Help Turn the Tide

On Aug. 3, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met virtually with CEOs from a range of industries to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, which was introduced on July 27. See: How Many Hours Can You Work…

Online cocktail party stock photo

The Top 5 Dream Jobs To Apply For Right Now

Over the course of the pandemic, so many Americans quit their jobs that there was a term for it: The Great Resignation. Whether it was due to being disrespected at their workplace, low wages or…

Woman at the gas station stock photo

Gas Prices Are Falling Nationwide, Except in These States

Analysts say that recent nationwide declines in gas prices come from lower demand at the pump and a drop in crude oil prices, The Wall Street Journal reports. According to data from AAA, the average…

E-commerce and ordering groceries online stock photo

Which Grocery Stores Accept SNAP EBT for Online Orders?

Americans who qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits have no shortage of food stores to choose from. Most major grocery chains accept SNAP payments using an electronic benefits…

Happy stylish mature old woman remote working from home distance office on laptop taking notes.

Early Retirement Hack: A New IRS Rule Lets You Withdraw More From Your Retirement Accounts Without Penalty

The IRS recently made changes to the amount of money that can be withdrawn each year from retirement accounts before age 59 1/2. As with the increase in overall inflation, the reasonable interest rate…

Mother and her son opening parcel with meal kit in their kitchen.

SNAP Benefits: Are There Home Delivery Services That Accept EBT Cards?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — the largest federal nutrition assistance program, which provides benefits to eligible low-income individuals and families via an Electronic…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock (12981090g)Monica Lewinsky poses at a Disney FYC Fest event for the FX limited series "Impeachment: American Crime Story" at El Capitan Theatre, in Los AngelesRed Carpet Event for "Impeachment: American Crime Story", Los Angeles, United States - 10 Jun 2022.

How Rich Is Monica Lewinsky?

Monica Lewinsky, 49, is an American television personality, TV producer, fashion designer, author and activist, who is still most known for being involved in a sexual relationship with former…

A cute boy is picking out vegetables with his mom at the farmers' market.

Food Stamps: How to Use Your SNAP EBT at Farmers’ Markets

Most major grocery store chains and retailers accept EBT cards to purchase SNAP-eligible items, but you can also use your SNAP EBT at participating farmers' markets to purchase fresh produce. SNAP…

Young woman checking her train in time board.

Airfare Could Drop 25% in August — Time To Make Travel Plans?

Airfares may be set to drop to 2019 levels, according to the third-quarter travel index from Hopper. The online booking platform reported that the average domestic airfare is set to drop to $286…


Student Loan Debt: With Federal Student Loan Payments Set To Resume Soon, Here’s How To Get Prepared

Federal student loan borrowers have about a month to prepare for the resumption of payments following a payment pause of more than two years that began during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic….

A man of the Millennial Generation is looking at his financial statement while eating lunch at a local sushi restaurant.

Social Security Solvency Could Lead to Lower Benefits for Millennials

At the beginning of June, the Social Security Board of Trustees issued its annual report on the financial status of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund and confirmed that, without legislative…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Larry French/AP/Shutterstock (5894912d)Jackie Walorski United States Rep.

A Look at Rep. Jackie Walorski’s Career and Net Worth Upon Her Death

Known for her dedication to service and well-liked by her Democrat and Republican colleagues in the House, Indiana Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski died in a car accident on Wed., Aug. 3. She was 58…

Fort Wayne - Circa April 2017: Burger King Retail Fast Food Location.

Does Burger King Take SNAP EBT Cards?

Restaurants typically do not accept EBT payments, but Burger King is one exception. According to QuerySprout, Burger King does accept SNAP EBT cards at participating restaurants; however, this may…

In Western Colorado Mature Adult Female of Hispanic Ethnicity Using Smart Phone In the Home Photo Series Matching 4K Video Available (Shot with Canon 5DS 50.

Zelle Scams To Look Out for and How To Protect Yourself

Zelle is a convenient way of sending money straight from your bank account to another U.S. bank account in just minutes. If you want to send your money to your nephew for his birthday, you don't need…

Wreath-laying at WWII Memorial by family of last surviving WWII Medal of Honor recipient, Washington, United States - 14 Jul 2022

How Rich Is Joe Manchin?

Joe Manchin, 74, is a businessman, former state governor and current U.S. senator who has been representing the state of West Virginia since 2010. He has been making headlines for being a Democrat who…

March 19, 2019 San Diego / CA / USA - Chase bank offices in downtown San Diego.

How Much Is Chase Worth?

JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest banks in the world. Learn about its market performance and net worth before investing in Chase.

Happy family shopping in a supermarket stock photo

SNAP Schedule: When Can I Anticipate August 2022 Payments?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps, is a federal program that provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income households. While the U.S. Department…

Self-serve gas station fuel options with 91 octane mainly featured stock photo

OPEC+ Will Increase Oil Production by Only 100,000 Barrels a Day for September

OPEC+, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, will add only 100,000 barrels per day of oil in September, despite President Joe Biden's recent visit to Saudi Arabia…

GO in the Know 3

GO in the Know: Social Security Questions Answered, Robinhood’s Woes & Top Financial News for August 3

If you need some help getting over the hump on this hump day, check out our roundup of the top financial stories out there. Lotta good stuff in here today. The Big Lead: Social Security's 8 Most-Asked…

Stealing personal data through a laptop concept stock photo

IRS Identifies Tax Fraud Red Flags To Help Your Tax Professional Defend Against Data Theft

The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the tax industry are working together as the Security Summit to urge tax professionals to learn the signs of data theft in order to quickly protect…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Bonnie Cash/UPI/Shutterstock (13064633k)Sen.

Clean Energy Incentives and Rebates Americans Will Be Able to Take Advantage of Thanks to Inflation Reduction Act

Despite steady opposition to many pieces of his own party's legislation during this time of high inflation, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-VA) has had something of a change of heart — bringing a proposed tax,…

Muncie - Circa January 2018: A Sign at a Retailer - We Accept SNAP.

Do SNAP EBT Cards Expire?

Whether or not your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card has an expiration date depends on your state. According to the U.S. Department of…

A side view photo of a teenage girl in a car as her mother sits next to her and hands her the keys to drive.

Have a Teen Driver? Here’s How To Save on Insurance

Back-to-school means lots of added costs for parents, from school supplies for K-12 children to books and tuition for incoming college freshmen.  But one thing parents may not consider is how…

Photo illustration in Brazil - 12 Apr 2022

Should You Sell Robinhood Stock as Company Lays Off 23% of Staff?

On Aug. 2, Robinhood announced it was laying off 23% of its staff, following the 9% of staff it laid off in April. The newest round of layoffs came as result of the "additional deterioration of the…

A stack of one hundred dollar bills in a money wrapper labeled "Student Loan" on top of a blue graduation cap.

If Student Loans Were Forgiven, What Would You Put the Money Toward Instead?

In 2021, GOBankingRates conducted a poll in which 52% of the 3,600 respondents noted they were in favor of blanket student loan forgiveness. Forbes estimates that there is $1.75 trillion in total…

He works hard, from home or the office stock photo

Social Security: Can I Apply For Benefits Online?

Applying for Social Security benefits is a major financial decision, and deciding when to do it can have significant effects on the amount of money you receive in retirement and when. Learn: 6 Reasons…

Bay, It's time for some new things.

Job-Hopping Trends Upward — What’s the Magic Number of Times To Do It Without Risking Your Career?

Everything in moderation is a good rule to live by and an even better rule to work by. Job hopping is on the rise as workers, given the current market, are finding higher wages outside their current…

Beautiful mother and daughter looking at a box of cookies in bakery section of supermarket stock photo

SNAP Updates To Know for Summer 2022

The federal government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has garnered a lot of headlines this summer, from the rollout of the Summer P-EBT program that aims to feed underprivileged kids to…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/Shutterstock (12071781e)In this Photo illustration an Equifax logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen.

Faulty Equifax Credit Score Reporting Prevents Consumers From Getting Auto Loans, Mortgages and Credit Cards

Equifax sent faulty credit scores to millions of American consumers applying for loans earlier this year, according to The Wall Street Journal. See: Can I Draw Social Security At 62 and Still Work…

Senior men taking online lesson.

Social Security’s 8 Most-Asked Questions Answered

For the roughly 65 million people who receive Social Security benefits every month, these funds are a replacement source of income needed when individuals are retired, disabled or are supplementing…

Social security card and American money dollar bills close up concept.

Is Your Social Security Payment Late? Here’s What To Do

This month's Social Security payments are on their way via direct deposit, but those expecting a check via mail always run the risk of it coming a little later. Every once in a while, your check can…

Father grocery shopping at the supermarket stock photo

SNAP Schedule: Maryland Independence Card EBT Benefit Payments for August 2022

SNAP provides food-purchasing assistance to low-income households across the country. SNAP is administered by the Maryland Department of Human Services and benefits are issued monthly via the Maryland…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Morry Gash/AP/Shutterstock (13057156br)Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers gestures at the NFL football team's practice field, in Green Bay, WisPackers Football, Green Bay, United States - 30 Jul 2022.

How Much Is Star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Worth?

After an offseason in which he considered retiring or going to another team, Aaron Rodgers eventually decided to return to the Green Bay Packers, signing a whopping 3-year, $150 million contract….

Portrait of happy young family counting home finances with cute little girl wearing glasses in sunlit apartment.

Child Tax Credit of $250 Announced in Rhode Island — Who Benefits?

Just as families are feeling the financial pinch of buying school supplies and school clothes, not to mention keeping hungry kids fed in the weeks before they go back to school, some relief may be on…

Bitcoin gold coins in a close-up shot, digital currency concept.

8 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In for 2022

Cryptocurrency is digital money that isn't managed by a central system, like a government. Instead, it's based on blockchain technology, with bitcoin being the most popular one.

Serious senior accountant sitting on the living room and looking at the laptop stock photo

Social Security: What Do You Need To Apply For Spousal or Divorced Benefits?

Applying for and receiving spousal benefits is a great way to boost your own Social Security monthly benefit — sometimes by as much as $800. Even if you never worked, under Social Security you could…

Share what's on your mind stock photo

Wirex Wallet Review: Is It the Cryptocurrency Wallet for You?

Wirex Wallet Overview Wirex is a cryptocurrency platform with its own wallet, card and exchange. It also offers interest-earning and lending services. Key Features Recent changes to the cryptocurrency…

Son teaching his father how to invest online stock photo

‘Horribly Complex’ Inherited IRA Rule Is Confusing Taxpayers — Are You in for a Tax Surprise?

February's amended guidance to inherited individual retirement accounts (IRAs) by the Internal Revenue Service has holders and tax-paying beneficiaries looking for guidance on how to proceed with…

Two young women walking away from a helicopter with a glass of wine in their hands.

9 Dead Giveaways That Someone Is Secretly Rich

Ramit Sethi, author of the New York Times Best Seller, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, founder and CEO of and of, knows a few things about personal finance. Learn:…

In this rear view, an unrecognizable woman stands with a shopping cart in front of a shelf full of food in the bread aisle of a grocery store.

Will Food Stamps Be Impacted by Inflation Rates?

The overall Consumer Price Index for June 2022 increased 1.3% from the previous month on a seasonally adjusted basis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said. Year-over-year, inflation rose a…

GO in the Know

GO in the Know: Student Loan Payment Prep, Costco Shakeups & Top Financial News for August 2

It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, but before you satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure you are all caught up on today's top financial stories. The Big Lead: Federal Student Loan Payments Set To…

Making a payment for gas at a fuel station.

Gas Prices Have Fallen For the Past 7 Weeks — Will They Rise Again?

There's finally some relief at the pump, with gas prices continuing to fall for the seventh consecutive week. See: 20 Best Places To Live on Only a Social Security Check Find: 7 Things You Should…

Teenage boy having problems in finishing homework stock photo

Absence of Child Tax Credit and Stimulus Checks Amid Inflation Has Parents Sweating Back to School Shopping

Students will start heading back to school in a matter of weeks, but fewer parents say they can afford back-to-school shopping this year because of rising inflation. Learn: 5 Expensive School Supplies…

Stressed businessman feeling desperate on crisis stock market, investment concept. stock photo

Your Crypto Exchange Went Bankrupt? The Best Money Moves to Make Next, According to Experts

This crypto winter has been particularly harsh following the recent collapse of several crypto platforms which have left investors frustrated about how to recoup their assets. Find Out: Will Crypto…

American and Texas state flags flying on the dome of the Texas State Capitol building in Austin.

States Whose Economies Are Failing vs. States Whose Economies Are Thriving

The swiftness with which the coronavirus pandemic wiped out the U.S. economy in early 2020 was breathtaking. Seemingly overnight, the U.S. unemployment rate shot up to an all-time record of 14.7% in…

Tulsa is the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma and 47th-most populous city in the United States.

7 Places Giving Away Land or Money To Move There

If you've joined the remote-work revolution, you might have the opportunity to move wherever you want for the first time in your career. If you're looking for a change of pace in a brand-new place,…

Costco Wholesale stock photo

These Costco Shakeups Could Cost You Money (But There Are Silver Linings)

As with many companies, Costco is making changes due to inflation. Although the company CEO Craig Jelinek announced in July that the company would keep its flagship $1.50 hot dog and soda deal, it is…

Father with son and daughter In A Supermarket. stock photo

SNAP Schedule: Wisconsin QUEST Card FoodShare Benefits for August 2022

SNAP helps boost the food budget of low-income households across the U.S. FoodShare, Wisconsin's version of SNAP, is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Benefits are…

Father And Son Coming Home From Shopping Trip Using Plastic Free Bags Unpacking Groceries In Kitchen stock photo

SNAP Schedule: Alabama Food Assistance Benefits for August 2022

SNAP is a federal program that provides food-purchasing assistance to low-income households. In Alabama, the Food Assistance Division of the Department of Human Resources administers the SNAP program,…

Relaxed mature woman working with computer stock photo

SSA Announces Update for the ‘My Social Security’ Platform

The Social Security Administration's "my Social Security" platform is getting a makeover designed to improve the experience — and perhaps push more people onto the platform. Social Security: New Bill…

Tigard, OR, USA - Aug 10, 2020: A Dollar Tree store in Tigard, Oregon.

Inflation Is So Bad, Even High-Income Americans Are Going to the Dollar Store

With inflation at a four-decade high and food prices being enormously affected, it's no surprise that Americans — even those in higher income brackets — have been heading to discount stores for…

Mountain View, USA - March 4, 2015: Microsoft sign at the entrance of their Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, California.

How Much Is Microsoft Worth?

Microsoft is in a daily battle with Apple for the title of the world’s most valuable company. Learn about its net worth and future outlook before investing.

Happiness senior elderly couple having fun in kitchen with healthy food for working from home.

Social Security: What is the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool and When Should You Use It?

If you are nearing retirement age or have become injured or disabled recently, you may wonder if you are qualified for Social Security benefits, including disability assistance, Supplement Security…

Electric car at the charging station stock photo

EV Tax Credit: How Electric Car Owners Could Reap Benefits of Inflation Reduction Act

This article was edited to clarify that the credit is also available for used electric vehicles. Electric vehicle (EV) owners could reap the benefits from the stunning deal on climate change and…

Mother and daughter shopping vegetables groceries store.

SNAP FAQ: What Is California’s CalFresh and How Can You Apply for Benefits?

The CalFresh Program is California's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and is the largest food program in the state. Benefits are issued monthly through an electronic benefit transfer…

Happy couple of tourists in London taking a selfie with Tower Bridge at the background.

Can My Foreign Spouse Collect Social Security Benefits?

Understanding how your future retirement planning might affect your spouse is important. For Americans married to non-U.S. citizens or residents, there are many instances where a foreign spouse may…

United Airlines Boeing 787-10 stock photo

5 Best Travel Stocks To Buy for 2022

The coronavirus pandemic absolutely decimated the travel sector. For more than one year — and nearly two years in some cases — travel companies were at a complete standstill. Although airlines were…

Group of Young Adults Eating Fast Food stock photo

Rewards and Freebies: Find the Fast Food App That Offers the Best Savings To Match Your Dining Habits

Ordering food from your phone is now easier than ever, and more fast food chains are offering their loyal customers even greater value through app-based ordering. While apps help streamline the…

Ford Motor Company sign logo

How Much Is Ford Worth?

In its hundred-plus years in business, Ford has had to weather wars, economic swings, competition with the other automakers — and a pandemic that essentially shut down the economy in 2020. Amidst…

Business team in the office.

Survey: Most Americans Don’t Use Financial Advisors — How is That Changing Because of COVID, Inflation and Economic Uncertainty?

Many people get their first financial advice early in life — perhaps when they earn their first dollar, and their parents advise them to put a quarter of it into the piggy bank. When it comes to…

Young mother with support worker stock photo

What Benefits Can I Sign Up for Through My Local Department of Social Services?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) oversees numerous social services programs designed to improve the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Although the HHS is a…

Muncie - Circa January 2018: A Sign at a Retailer - We Accept SNAP.

SNAP Benefits: How Is Eligibility Determined?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously known as the Food Stamp Program, provides food-purchasing assistance to eligible families. Most families who meet the program's income…

Man looking at medicine while sitting by woman using laptop in kitchen at home.

Medicare Part B Premiums Could Be Lower in 2023 – Here’s Why

Seniors in the United States haven't had much to cheer about this year, with inflation running well ahead of the 2022 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment and spiraling health-care costs cutting…

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10 Frequently Asked Social Security Questions Worth Revisiting

Along with private pensions and savings/investments, Social Security benefits are one leg of the three-legged stool of retirement planning. Social Security: 7 Must-Know Facts for 2022Social…

Parents carrying son on shoulders on beach vacation.

When Social Security Runs Out: What the Program Will Look Like in 2035

The future of Social Security remains uncertain, forcing people to ask questions like, "Will Social Security run out?" According to the 2021 annual report from the Social Security board of trustees,…

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