The Best and Worst Ways States Use Your Tax Dollars

Is the government wasting your tax dollars?
  • Tom Clements

    What about the $50+ billion plutonium fuel (MOX) boondoggle at the DOE’s Savannah River Site in South Carolina? The construction of the $12 billion MOX plant is one of the largest construction projects in US history and its fraught with mismanagement and construction problems. It smells like there is a lot of “waste, fraud and abuse” at the project but Congress and agencies are yet to dive into in-depth investigations. The project is not financially sustainable but Congress has kept it on life support. Expect it to crash soon. It’s totally weird that the national media has to yet get the MOX debacle on its radar. Why such negligence in reporting? — Tom Clements, Savannah River Site Watch, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Chris Langsenkamp

    What about $260B in taxpayer funding of unreliable “renewables” over the last 10 years?