Learn These Money Hacks Tax Accountants Never Share for Free

Discover why taxes are best left to the pros.

With the advent of tax software and user-friendly filing apps, a lot of people are starting to feel that hiring someone to do their taxes is a real rip-off — but think twice before jumping to the same conclusion. You wouldn’t do your own brain surgery, so why tackle complex tax problems if you could hire a tax accountant? Here are five money hacks from real tax accountants.

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1. The IRS Is More Likely to Trust a Return From an Accountant

Just like you probably trust someone with credentials, so does the IRS. Don’t take it personally — the IRS understands that someone who went through extensive training on the subject probably has a more thorough understanding of tax law than someone trying to do it themselves.

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2. You Get Peace of Mind

Not your circus, not your monkeys — by leaving the heavy lifting to a tax professional, you get the added benefit of leaving the hard part to someone who specializes in taxes for a living. With practice, comes perfect — and any mistakes aren’t on you.

To avoid an audit, make sure you’re not accidentally committing tax fraud.

3. You Get Year-Round Support

When you hire an accountant, you hire a real, living person who can be there 365 days out of the year to assist you when it comes to your finances. Although this is especially important for small business owners, regular people could benefit from the added support an accountant brings — especially when it comes to life-changing events like changing jobs, buying homes or getting married.

4. You Get Someone Who Knows Exceptions to the Rules

With every set of rules, there’s an even bigger set of exceptions. It would be nearly impossible as an amateur to be totally versed in every strange tax loophole — so don’t bother. Leave that part to the professionals.

5. You Get Help as Your Tax Situation Changes

Much like the added support, your life won’t remain static — which is why having the human element is so important as your tax situation changes.

Whether your life is expanding — buying a home, getting married, having a family — or contracting, it helps to have an accountant who understands the tax consequences associated with different stages of life.

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