Use QuickBooks for Taxes? Intuit Warns of Phishing Scams That Collect Your Personal Data

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Intuit has warned its QuickBooks accounting software customers of phishing scams that can collect personal data.

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Accounting Today reported that the fraudulent emails tell customers that there are issues with their accounts, asking them to follow a link.

Intuit said that it “will never send an email with a supposed ‘software update’ or ‘software download’ attachment, nor will it send an email asking the recipient to send sign-in or password details, ask for bank or credit card details or ask business users for confidential information about employees in an email,” according to Accounting Today.

Intuit stated on its website that while scams come in different forms, they often look pretty convincing. The company recommended customers consider a few things if they’re not sure an email came from Intuit, such as it will never ask for personal information in an email, and the emails always come from addresses ending with @intuit.com and @e.intuit.com.

The company also said in a security notice on its website that it has recently received reports from customers who’ve received emails regarding their accounts being put on hold. It then asks them to complete a “verification form.”

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Intuit advises customers immediately delete the email. In case you already clicked on the link or downloaded something from the email, delete the download immediately, scan your system using an anti-virus program and change your passwords.

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