Teens & Taxes: Why Teens Should e-File in 2022

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The Internal Revenue Service is recommending that taxpayers e-file their taxes this year as the safest, most secure way to file. If you’re owed a refund, it is also the way to get your money the fastest, according to the IRS. This goes for anyone filing taxes in 2022, including working teenagers or teens with investment income.

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Why should your teen e-file?

First of all, it’s free for anyone with less than $73,000 adjusted gross income to e-file through the IRS Free File program. The program offers guided tax prep and even does the math for your teen. (They are sure to like that!)

Secondly, TurboTax claims that people who file by mail could wait as long as six weeks for their tax refund. Returns filed electronically go to the head of the queue when it comes to processing. For an even faster refund, your teen should opt to have their refund direct deposited into their bank account if they have one.

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Finally, your teen will have the peace of mind knowing their tax return made it to the IRS. There’s no chance of the return being lost in the mail, and they will receive an email notification confirming receipt within 48 hours.

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Your teen can also e-file their state tax return at the same time, if necessary. For taxpayers of all ages, e-filing is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to file federal and state income tax returns.

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