Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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Understanding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS is often viewed as the villain of working America, withholding earnings from everyone’s paychecks and holding that money hostage until tax season. Fortunately, many savvy consumers are using GOBankingRates to manage their personal finances, plan for their taxes and avoid being hit with unfortunate surprises come April.

The site also gives you tips on how to file your taxes for free and ways to maximize your refund. Plus, GOBankingRates can even help you determine if you qualify for a tax deadline extension.

Tax Information

With an extensive library of articles on taxes and the IRS, GOBankingRates can help consumers identify important tax deadlines and prepare their finances for their specific tax brackets. If you are unsure which tax bracket you fall into and what impact your tax bracket will have on your tax rate, you can find informative tables and helpful explanations on new tax policies.

Tax Scams

Some articles can also help you avoid becoming a victim to this year’s most common tax scams. Scammers take advantage of tax season because of consumers’ willingness to share financial information, which could leave them vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

Resources Everyone Can Use

At GOBankingRates, you can find the latest tax articles on every topic, including celebrity tax woes, how to avoid being audited by the IRS and even what to do if you are selected for an IRS audit. With these resources, you can approach every tax season with confidence.