Top 10 Most Expensive States to File Taxes

Find out state tax rates and who pays the most taxes.
  • Patty

    CALIFORNIA WHYYY???!!! I barely get enough money back as it is, the state has to take a chunk too?!

  • Elyssa Kirkham

    California has high taxes, no doubt… but they also have some of the best benefits. With the CoL being so high I’d rather pay more taxes and be able to take advantage of benefits (like disability and PFL after having my daughter), as well as known that there’s a fairly strong safety net for those barely scraping by.

  • Roland

    Whoah. California for the win!

  • Hrvatski

    California isn’t only the highest taxed state, because it is the worse in applying tax revenues for the purposes they are intended. It wasn’t as bad, years ago, when the assembly and senate members worked part time, without pay, while having their own full time jobs in the private sector. Once they became full time employees of the state, the sky was the limit for their wages, benefits and free spending, at the expense of the taxpayers.

  • RGB

    DON’T be fooled by NY. State sales might be 4% but county sales tax is near 4% more.

  • Weston

    I went into Turbo Tax and did a fake return with some realistic Social Security, IRA, dividend and capital gains assumptions. Even at $82K per year, my Oregon taxes came in at ZERO. So, the whole “high tax rate” in Oregon is irrelevant … to us. I think we can get by pretty well on nearly $7000 per month.