From the Child Tax Credit to Retirement Tax Surprises: Our Most-Read Tax Stories of 2021

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Taxes are a not-so-fun, yet inevitable part of the year. And as with most financial topics, the more you know about taxes, the better off you may be. Understanding which tax credits and breaks you are eligible for can help reduce your tax bill and boost your refund, or even supplement your income in the case of the child tax credit.

2021 was a unique year for taxes, with stimulus checks and the aforementioned child tax credit coming into play, so it’s no wonder our readers were very interested in these tax-related topics over the past 12 months. In addition, you also wanted to know about the most and least tax-friendly countries, and how to prepare for taxes in retirement.

Here’s a look at GOBankingRates’ most-read tax stories of 2021.

  1. Didn’t Get Your Child Tax Credit? Here’s How to Track It Down
  2. How To Change Your Direct Deposit Information on the Child Tax Credit Update Portal
  3. The Stimulus Paperwork You Need To Keep for Tax Season
  4. Child Tax Credit and Stimulus 2021 Recipients: Be on the Lookout for IRS Letter With Tax Filing Info
  5. Child Tax Credit: You Could Get a Double Payment in February — Here’s Why
  6. Here Are the Most and Least Tax-Friendly Countries
  7. Stimulus 2022: You Could Be Eligible for This $2,000 Tax Break
  8. Child Tax Credit: How To Claim the Full Amount On Your 2021 Taxes
  9. 10 Retirement Tax Surprises To Prepare For
  10. Stimulus Update: Will December’s Child Tax Credit Payment be the Last?
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