How To Change Your Direct Deposit Information on the Child Tax Credit Update Portal

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The fourth round of the advance monthly payments of the child tax credit hit bank accounts through direct deposit on October 15.

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If you received your tax return through direct deposit and are eligible for the tax credit then you should not need to do anything further. The IRS will automatically deposit the amount of your credit into the same bank account they deposited your tax return.

If you are unsure if you are eligible for such payments, you can log into the Child Tax Credit Update Portal here.

From there, you will verify your identity through the third-party app Once you are in, you will need to:

  1. Scroll down and click “Manage Payments”
  2. From that landing page, scroll down to the bottom and click “Manage Advance Payments”

You might be asked to sign-in again at this point. Once you do, you will be directed to a page that at first does not seem like a homepage, but is.

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The first section will say “Manage Your Advance Payments of The Child Tax Credit.”

Within that section, at the bottom, it will say “Update your information in your profile” with the “your profile”  hyperlinked.

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Once you click through, you will see a “Payment Info” section. This is the Direct Deposit portal section, and by clicking on the top right where it says “Edit” you can change your bank account information. There will already be bank account information displayed in this section — this is where the payment is currently scheduled to be deposited.

A drop-down menu will appear where you can enter the new routing and checking account information if you wish to change the bank account to which you receive your child tax credit.

Last updated: October 15, 2021

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