IRS Warns of Potentially Outdated Information on Child Tax Credit Portal, Mailed CTC Letters


In a fact sheet released on Jan. 28, the IRS urged people to use the information on their individual online taxpayer account for the most accurate figures on the amount to include when doing their taxes and claiming the child tax credit (CTC). The IRS would go on to say, via the fact sheet, that certain information provided by the CTC portal could potentially be out of date.

Starting on Jan. 31, “you can find the advance child tax credit payment information you need to file your 2021 tax return in your online account,” the IRS detailed in its release. “Until then, use the amount in Letter 6419 sent by mail.Don’t use the payment details in the child tax credit portal.”

The IRS reiterated that — when in doubt about the CTC amount to be claimed — check your IRS Online Account. Here, the IRS is referring to your general online IRS account, not your account specific to the child tax credit, which has its own online portal. 

Some taxpayers may receive a letter from the IRS stating an incorrect accounting of CTC payments having been delivered. In the fact sheet, the IRS laid out some reasons as to why this amount can be incorrect.

  • You moved or changed bank information: The IRS said that those who receive a letter stating incorrect payment amounts generally involve people who moved or changed bank accounts in Dec. 2021 — persons whose checks were returned as undeliverable or had their direct deposits outright rejected. If you believe your letter is not accurate as a result of such a scenario, it’s crucial you check the payments as displayed in your IRS Online Account.
  • You are married and file jointly: Married couples who file jointly will need to pay special attention to their CTC notices. Letters are being sent to married taxpayers who filed jointly separately, which means that you and your spouse will need to combine the information from both letters when you file your return. If you feel one or both letters contain inaccuracies, your IRS Online Account will have the most accurate up-to-date information.
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