The 5 States With the Biggest Proposed Tax Amendments on the November 8 Ballot

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Races are heating up ahead of the November 8 midterm elections. Not only is there a contentious fight for the balance of the federal House of Representatives and Senate at stake, but there are a number of other other important issues on the state level — and some will affect residents’ bottom lines more than others.

In addition to referendums surrounding abortion rights, living wages, workers’ rights and the legalization of marijuana, there are also some states that have proposed tax hikes (and even a proposed reduction in one state). Here are the five states that have the biggest tax change proposals, with supporters and detractors on each side of the aisle.

Arizona: Proposition 310

Proposition 310 aims to better fund fire districts across the state of Arizona. As opposed to fire departments — which are governed by cities and financially supported by city taxes — fire districts represent and serve several municipalities and unincorporated regions. If Prop 310 passes, per KYMA-TV, it will increase the state’s sales tax by 0.1% from January 2023 to December 2042 and provide payouts to fire districts each month over that time range.

California: Proposition 30

The environment is at the core of this tax referendum on the California ballot, according to KCRA-TV. It proposes a suggested 1.75% income tax increase on those in the state that make more than $2 million a year. This aims to provide $5 billion in funding to incentivize the purchase of zero-emission electric vehicles — as well as implementing more EV charging stations and programs targeting wildfire prevention.

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Colorado: Proposition FF & Proposition 121

Colorado has two notable tax referendums on the November 8 ballot. Proposition FF looks to limit state income tax deductions for those making an adjusted gross income of $300,000 or higher in order to fund a proposed Healthy School Meals for All program. It would aim to make the universal free school lunches provided during the pandemic a permanent program to ensure kids get daily nutrition, according to Colorado Public Radio. Proposition 121 would be a permanent reduction to the state’s flat income tax rate, from 4.55% to 4.4%.

Illinois: Cook County Forest Preserve Referendum

This referendum is solely for Illinois residents who live in Cook County. It proposes a state tax increase for homeowners in the region of 0.025% (bringing the limit to 0.076%) to provide an extra $40 million a year for the county’s forest preserve, per the Chicago Tribune. The money would purportedly be used for beautification efforts, facility maintenance and land restoration as well as supporting pension payments.

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Massachusetts: Question 1

As Spectrum News calls it, the “Millionaire’s Tax” or “Fair Share Tax” would aim to apply an additional 4% cut on taxable income for earners making more than $1 million. Funds would ostensibly be used to help invest in public education (including colleges and universities) as well as the regular maintenance of roads and public transportation.

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