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Nick Martell is the co-host and co-founder of “The Best One Yet,” a daily pop-biz podcast that tackles the top stories of the day.

Previously, Martell co-led Robinhood’s news efforts as the managing editor of News & Snacks — and at the core of that is Robinhood Snacks digestible financial news. Martell co-hosted the “Snacks Daily” podcast and produced the newsletter to make financial news accessible to all.

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Noteworthy Achievements:
Martell and Jack Kramer sold financial podcast and newsletter company MarketSnacks to Robinhood in 2019

Martell and Kramer both took on the title of managing editor as that business became Robinhood’s media operations

“Snacks Daily” was ranked on Apple Podcasts’ top shows in the business category, as well as Spotify’s top shows in the business & technology category

In 2022, Axios reported that Robinhood will serve as the exclusive sponsor of “The Best One Yet”