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"Spend less than you earn. When it comes to money, you can't outsmart the math. No amount of spreadsheets or financial advice can counter overspending."


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Tonya Rapley is the creator of My Fab Finance. In 2014, she was deemed the New Face of Wealth Building by Black Enterprise Magazine. She is the creator of the #BanishTheBalance challenge, which helped more than 4,000 participants pay off large amounts of debt in 60 days. She is the author of “The Money Manual: A Practical Money Guide to Help You Succeed On Your Financial Journey.”

Why She’s a Top Money Expert:

Rapley is a savvy and nationally known money expert and consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge to millennial money matters. She empowers others by sharing her own financial success journey as well as tips and tools that can help others find solutions.


What is the best thing you did to build your wealth?

I found ways to diversify my income rather than depending on one income stream. This allowed me to become more aggressive in targeting my financial goals.

What is a financial misstep you made that you learned from?

Not downsizing my expenses as a preventative measure instead of as a reactionary measure.

What advice would you give to millennials who are struggling financially?

Keep striving for a solution. As long as you’re thinking of solutions, they will come. Cut back on the behaviors that contributed to your financial struggles and adopt the opposite of those.

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