9 Best Aldi Products To Buy Instead of Name-Brand Alternatives

Aldi offers many affordable, high-quality items that rival their name-brand counterparts. Here are the best deals, so you can save money without giving up taste or value.

Belmont Ice Cream - $2.49

Compare to other high-quality ice cream like Ben and Jerry's at $4.99 per pint.

Specially Selected Organic Olive Oil - $3.99

A similar bottle costs almost $15 at Whole Foods.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza - $2.99

This frozen pizza offers a range of toppings, including pepperoni and veggie, and is just as satisfying and convenient as DiGiorno or Red Baron.

Trail Mix - $5.49

At $5.49 for a 26-ounce bag and tons of flavor varieties, this is a fantastic deal.

Bread - $2.05

Aldi's "L'Oven fresh 100-percent whole wheat bread" is a bigger loaf than a lot of stores carry anymore, and it's just $2.05.

SimplyNature Organic White Cheddar Puffs - $1.99

Name-brand cheesy snacks are often loaded with artificial ingredients, unlike this Aldi alternative.

Clancy's Tortilla Chips - $1.19

From restaurant-style to lime, all flavors of Aldi's tortilla chips are as delicious as any name-brand option.

Oat and Almond Milk

Aldi's milk alternatives are cheaper than most name brands, yet incredibly rich and creamy.

Spices - less than $2 a bottle

You can't beat Aldi's prices on spices, unless you buy in bulk.