6 Best Investments You Can Make To Build Wealth, According to Top Experts

Low-Cost Broad Market Index Funds

YouTuber Andrei Jikh said this "simple" investment is the key to building wealth.

Shares of Large, Profitable Companies

Chris Hill, host of the "Motley Fool Money" radio show, said that when it comes to investing in 2023, his best advice is to "go big." "Invest in large, profitable companies," he said.

Alternative Investments

Danetha Doe of Money & Mimosas said to look beyond traditional assets: "This can be equity crowdfunding, international stocks or other opportunities."

Mutual Funds

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey said that he used mutual funds to build his own wealth.

Real Estate

Marcus Lemonis said to invest in real estate: "Real estate historically has been one of those things that over time always increases in value."

Your Network

Personal finance columnist Chris Farrell said that the best investment you can make can't be bought. "Your valuable asset in good times and bad is your network."