Can You Claim an Adult as a Dependent?

Can You Claim an Adult as a Dependent?

Your minor children are obvious dependents, but you can also claim certain adults as dependents, if they meet the criteria set by the IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service considers some adults who rely on you for the majority of their support to be dependents.

Even if you have no family relationship with someone who lives with you and who you're supporting financially, that person could qualify as a dependent, such as your unemployed significant other.

The IRS defines two types of people that you can claim as a dependent on your taxes: "qualifying children" and "qualifying relatives."

To claim an adult as an independent, they must be considered "a qualifying relative."

They must:  -Earn less than $4,400 a year  -Rely on you for more than half of their financial support for the year -Live with you as a member of your household for the year

A live-in domestic partner with little to no income and for whom you're paying the bills can score you some tax benefits.

Even if a person doesn't live with you, they can still be a qualifying relative if you're actually related, and the IRS allows for most of your relatives to qualify.

Relatives you can claim as a dependent if you're supporting them financially, even if you're not living together:

-Child, stepchild, foster child -Siblings -Parents, stepparents, grandparents -Uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, children of half-siblings -In-laws, such as son, daughter, father, mother, etc. 

By consulting with your tax advisor, you will determine who qualifies as a dependent and learn the benefits of claiming a dependent.