8 Dollar Tree Items That Cost a Lot More at Walmart

Despite worries about quality, you can find quite a few of your everyday essentials at Dollar Tree. Here are just a few items that will cost you a lot more at Walmart.

Ceramic Plates

While only $1.25 at Dollar Tree, these will cost you around $2.92 at Walmart.

Popcorn Tub

Save more by buying these for $1.25 each at Dollar Tree.

Egg Holder

Dollar Tree has an egg holder for $1.25, but a similar one costs around $5.98 at Walmart.

Loaf Pan

You can save around $4 by buying your loaf pan at Dollar Tree.

Frying Pan

Dollar Tree has a frying pan for $5, but a similar one goes for $19.99 at Walmart.

Dry Erase Board

Keep the savings going by getting your dry erase board at Dollar Tree.


Get your home organized with affordable baskets from Dollar Tree.

Dust Pan and Brush Set

Don't overpay for your cleaning supplies -- Dollar Tree has the better deal.