Top 9 Highest Paying Bank Jobs

A career in banking can be challenging, interesting and, in many cases, lucrative. Here are some of the best-paying options.

Financial Manager

Average Annual Salary: $131,710


Prepare forecasts, business activity reports and financial statements for banks, non-profit organizations or businesses.

Investment Banker

Average Annual Salary: $133,538


When a company issues stock for the first time in an IPO, an investment banker negotiates the price and manages the process.

Financial Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $95,570


Evaluate current and past financial data to recommend individual investments and portfolios.

Financial Examiner

Average Annual Salary: $81,410


Monitor the financial condition of a bank or other financial institution by reviewing financial documents like balance sheets, income statements and loan documents.

Credit Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $88,030


Examine the financial information of businesses and individuals to determine the risk involved with lending money.



Average Annual Salary: $77,250

Examine financial statements to ensure they are accurate and compliant with applicable laws, identify risks and recommend tactics to improve profits.


Securities and Commodities Sales Agent

Average Annual Salary: $62,910

Offer advice and facilitate the purchase or sale of securities and commodities.


Loan Officer

Average Annual Salary: $63,380

Evaluate loan applications and recommend approval of loans, including mortgages.



Average Annual Salary: $36,310

Process banking transactions for customers. Experience in this position could lead to better paid banking jobs.

Skills and Requirements

- Basic understanding of banking - Communication and interpersonal skills - Strong numerical skills - Regulatory knowledge - Upselling - Problem-solving - Attention to detail - Bachelor's degree or higher