How Much Americans Have in Their Savings Accounts in 2023

In a recent survey of 1,000 American adults, GOBankingRates found out how much is in the average person's savings account - and which demographics save more than others.

A third of Americans have $100 or less.

In 2022, this number was virtually identical.

12.6% of Americans have $10K or more.

Most are 55 and older, and more men selected this amount than women.

Of the third with $100 or less, 45% are 45-54 in age.

More women have $100 or less than men.

41.6% of women have low savings vs. 31.1% of men.

Most people have between $101-$10,000 in savings.

About 54% of Americans fall into this category.

However, the majority of Americans have less than $1K.

57%, to be exact.