8 Tips To Stay Safe When Using Mobile Banking Apps

According to Identity Guard, your banking app offers hackers three access points to your most private and sensitive information -- on your device, during data transfer and at your bank's server. Here are tips to keep your information safe.

Practice Basic Data Defense

Start by choosing strong passwords that you don't recycle across platforms, guard your personal information closely and download the genuine bank app and not an imposter.



Never Open the App on an Untrustworthy Network

Don't open your banking app when on public Wi-Fi, and make sure you're on a password-protected network or using your own cellphone data.


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

A verification email or message is an extra step, but one that's more than justified considering the added layer of protection that it provides.


Say Yes to Biometrics

According to Norton, the industry consensus is that fingerprint recognition and face ID are harder to crack than alpha-numeric passwords.


If Your Bank Requests Action, Stop

If you receive a request claiming to be from your bank requesting any action, don't respond. Call the number on your statement or bank card to verify the message and/or report the scam.


Finish Strong When Your Session Is Done

Log out before closing your banking app and delete any messages or codes your bank texted you during your session.


Keep Up With Emerging Threats

Consider adding updates about online security and cyber threats to your news app of choice so you'll see the headline when an inevitable new threat emerges.


Consider a Password Manager

While nothing is bulletproof, password managers can be a reliable and convenient way to enhance mobile security and data management.