7 Warning Signs That Layoffs Are Coming

With the sharp rise in layoffs this year, GOBankingRates asked experts how workers can look out for it in their company. Here are seven classic warning signs.

Workplace Change

You may notice secret exec meetings, increased office security, or being asked to track your duties.


Managers Leave

Senior managers may be tipped off to what's happening long before you are.



Jobs Get Phased Out

If your company starts replacing some departments with AI, you could be next.


The Company Loses Money

If there's no profit, or outright loss of money, it might be time to start looking elsewhere.


Responsibilities Are Cut

Suddenly finding yourself with little or nothing to do means your workplace could be preparing to cut your job. 


Your Job Is Advertised

You may actually see a job ad for your exact position at your company. In which case - get out!


There's a Merger or Acquisition

Unfortunately, these are a sign there are major changes coming for your company, and potentially your job.