10 Ways for Teens To Make Money Online

Traditional employment isn't the only route to earn extra cash. Get creative and seek out paying opportunities through online jobs to help build your bank account.

Become a Virtual Assistant

You might handle distributing flyers, organizing files, running errands, data entry and making travel reservations.

Tutor Online

Put up a flyer or spread the word in your neighborhood. If you're a whiz in English, math or science, you can likely get paid for sharing your knowledge.

Stream Video Games

Popular platforms like YouTube or Twitch will allow you to stream your video gaming session to a live audience. If you build a solid following of subscribers, you can earn money.

Direct Sales

Sign up with a company that sells products, such as jewelry, cookware or cosmetics. You'll probably need a parent to co-apply for this one - and be alert for scams.

Flip Items

Search online marketplaces for stuff you can flip, like electronics you can repair or furniture that could be made like-new with a coat of paint.

Create Websites

If you're good at creating websites, you can sell your services. To get started, make a sample website and approach local businesses to show them what you can do.

Start a YouTube Channel

Start your own vlog or YouTube channel displaying your skillset.  If you gain a following, you can get paid advertising or even work with affiliate marketing.

Start an E-commerce Business

You likely have a few items lying around gathering dust that you could sell. Start your own small repurposing business through social media or sites like Etsy.

Become a Freelancer

If you have a skill like writing, animation, graphic design, photography, calligraphy or drawing, you can use it to earn money as a freelancer.

Resell Vintage Clothing

Spend some time visiting thrift stores and places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army to find vintage clothing and accessories you can resell for a profit.