Women Say These Are Their Top 4 Money Stressors

GOBankingRates asked over 1,000 American women about their biggest sources of financial worry and stress -- here's what they had to say.

Money Stressor #1: Inflation/ Not Being Able To Afford Everyday Expenses

The survey found that not being able to cover the costs of day-to-day living expenses is a top stressor for 39% of women.

Money Stressor #2: Not Having the Money To Pay For an Emergency Expense

18% of women fear not being able to pay for an unplanned emergency expense, the survey found.

Money Stressor #3: Not Having Enough Money To Retire

Not having enough money to retire is the biggest money fear for 15% of women.

Money Stressor #4: Potential Job Loss/Layoff

8% of women rate losing their job as their biggest money stressor.