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Our employees found work-life balance is important and achievable when working from home.

What GOBankingRates Offers

Let’s meet you where you are. GOBankingRates is fully remote first with remote jobs and work from home jobs. We do our best work, together, with team members working all over the world.

Remote First

Do your best work exactly where you are now.

Insurance Coverage and Retirement

Our comprehensive coverage includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Prep for retirement now with our 401(k) plan, too.

Student Loan Assistance

We offer tuition reimbursement and more student loan assistance.

Competitive Compensation

Generous compensation and performance bonus opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Experience and participate in companywide events each quarter designed with your mental and physical health in mind.


An environment in which people learn, improve and thrive

Team-Building Programs

Join us for companywide team-building events and receive monthly rewards.

Family Planning Perks

Focus on your family with maternity and parental leave. Adoption Assistance, UIU, IVF and more.

Here at GOBankingRates, Diversity, Equity, Equality, and Inclusion Mean More Than Just Checked Boxes.

For us, it’s a commitment to educating ourselves, empowering our teams, and implementing programs, initiatives and strategies that impact every level of our organization – individually, collectively and systematically.

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Keeping the team engaged,
no matter where you choose to be.

We are all on a mission to help the world, and Live Richer together.

“Here, I’ve been encouraged by our leaders’ transparency and openness to change while still driving results. My team and the leaders around me have shown full support of me as a whole human being, which fuels my desire even more to “just go” and continue to transform lives.”

Chelsea Ching
Talent Acquisition Partner

“…We have a world class team – the work is challenging which keeps me learning and getting better at my craft, year after year. I value the performance based nature of our work and company because it rewards individuals for driving results and making an impact.”

Kelly Macdonald
VP of Customer Acquisition

“Our entire team spans across the United States and beyond the borders. There are so many different perspectives that come with working on a team like ours. We embrace diversity and have fun working on projects.”

Cecilia James
Design Project Manager

Our Core Values

When Jeff Bartlett and Brett Rossmann launched GOBankingRates in 2004, they assembled a small team focused on building a company that could be profitable and self-sustaining. As the company grew and the Team grew beyond a small, close-knit group, the need for clearly defined core values became evident to keep alignment within the company and to build a larger team with shared values and goals.

The management team had read a book called the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and its strong message about these agreements matched our core values as well as the culture of personal accountability that we wanted to sustain as the Team grew.

Each of the four agreements improved our company and improved our ability to communicate and collaborate as a Team.

#1 Don’t Take Things Personally

Not taking things personally makes discussing problems and challenges more efficient, keeping the focus on the solution, not the blame. Our Team does not have to feel defensive when a problem or a mistake arises; instead, we learn from our misstep and focus on solving the problem and communicating what happened so that we don’t make the same mistake twice.

#2 Don’t Make Assumptions

Not making assumptions is a tough habit to break, but once we committed to it, we saw fewer things fall through the cracks, and we improved our communication with each other to ensure everyone was on the same page. This practice leads to one of our core business values of maintaining alignment. Following this agreement also minimizes the normal gossip and rumors that can disrupt the work environment — the Team is encouraged to not assume rumors are true but instead to go right to the source to learn the reality of any situation.

#3 Always Do Your Best

Although this agreement sounds obvious, “always do your best” is a reminder to challenge yourself if you really did your best each day in how you treat people, how you performed your job, and what you did to impact and improve this company. Doing your best also builds trust with the Team around you.

#4 Be Impeccable With Your Word

Being impeccable with your word goes beyond being honest to include not holding back your ideas and questions. Our company culture requires open and honest communication across the entire Team, which drives a more positive culture, a safe environment for feedback and ideas, and ensures each individual shares their opinions and thoughts on the direction of our company and culture.

Our Technology

Software and Platform Engineering

  • 100% AWS deployed
  • LNMP stack – Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP/Python/Go/Node.js
  • JAM stack – React, Node, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Linux (Amazon, Docker)
  • Kubernetes
  • Web (Nginx, API Gateway & Lambda, CloudFront)
  • Load Balancing (ELB, Nginx)
  • Automation & CI/CD (Harness, Circleci,, Jenkins)
  • Frameworks (React, Symfony, WordPress)
  • Configuration Management (Terraform, Chef)
  • Monitoring (Dynatrace, Speedcurve, Tideways, ELK, Pingdom, Cloudwatch)
  • Source Control (GitHub)
  • CDN (CloudFront)
  • Database (RDS/MySQL, DynamoDB)

Data Engineering and Science

  • Snowflake Data Warehouse w/Matillion ETL
  • Athena for raw data analysis
  • Airflow for Orchestration
  • Glue for processing
  • Tableau for reports
  • Python libraries like sklearn, gensim, nltk, keras and tensor flow.
  • Production grade Microservices using Docker, Flask, Elasticsearch, AWS Lambda, ECS, SQS, SES, etc.

QA and Automation Engineering

  • Automation Tool: Autify, Selenium Webdriver
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Scripting: JS, Python
  • Framework: Codeception
  • Cross-Browser/ Cross-Device Testing: LambdaTest
  • Visual Testing: Autify
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Circle CI, GitHub Actions
  • Test Execution: Autify, Zalenium -Docker
  • Agile Management Tool: JIRA