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6 Things You Must Do If You Have More Than $5,000 in Your Checking Account

A recent GOBankingRates survey shows that nine out of 10 people have checking accounts. But despite the familiarity, the question of how much, exactly, to keep in one remains a personal finance...

SVB Failure Aftermath: 5 Top Ways To Protect Your Money From Uncertainty in 2023

If you have an internet connection or a television, you might feel like the world is coming down around you. Political polarization, cultural gladiator battles, fallen faith in national institutions,...

5 Benefits of Direct Deposit

With electronic statements, online banking and mobile apps, paper paychecks can seem oddly out of place. Among American workers, about 93% choose to receive paychecks by direct deposit, according to...

What Is the Standard Deduction for People Over 65 in 2023?

When former President Donald Trump overhauled the U.S. tax code in Dec. 2017, new income brackets and standard deduction amounts came into effect that changed how much Americans pay in taxes -- and...

Capital Gains Tax on Stocks: What It Is and How To Minimize It

When you buy stocks, you hope they go up in value so you can sell them at a higher price than you paid. That's the whole idea, right? The good news is that you've made some money. The bad news is that...

9 Types of Income You Might Not Know Can Be Nontaxable

When it comes to paying taxes, most people are aware that they need to report and pay taxes on their income. However, not all types of income are taxable, and many people might not be aware of the...

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Dave Ramsey

“The quickest right way to become a millionaire is to consistently invest over a long period of time. Don’t get distracted by market swings, trendy stocks or get-rich-quick schemes.”

Rachel Cruze

“Get this, two out of three impulse buys happen in bed on a phone! Ditch the urge to 'add to cart' and throw all that extra money toward debt or savings depending on your situation.”

Mark Cuban

“Don't follow excitement, follow your homework. People tend to chase excitement in markets thinking if everyone else is buying or selling, they should be too.”

Tori Dunlap

“Start paying off debt now. Start budgeting now. And start investing as soon as you can –– even if it's just $100 in an IRA or taking your company match each month.”


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