Jennifer Calonia

Jennifer Calonia, Editorial Manager

Jennifer Calonia is a reputed journalist covering breaking news about banking, savings, loans and personal finance that matters most to your wallet. Her features and helpful savings tips encourage and empower households across America to achieve financial balance.

Articles by Jennifer Calonia

6 Financial Factors to Consider Before Having Kids

As a 20-something single, I myself have casually wondered when (if) I’ll have children of my own. Regardless of your status — whether you’re married, single or are in the process of rearing your own kids — an unspoken acknowledgment that a bouncing bundle of joy can very quickly lead to a blown budget echoes...

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Savings Account Rates Today: Glendale Area Schools Credit Union at 3.00% APY

While summer months provide school employees and staff with a moment’s respite from the hectic school year, smart savers know that one can never rest when it comes to achieving a savings goal. Glendale Area Schools Credit Union has developed a high-yield savings account product that earns members the returns they deserve over summer vacation...

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5 Affordable Last-Minute Labor Day Getaways

There's still time to kick back and relax with these cheap Labor Day destinations.

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What’s in Warren Buffett’s Wallet?

Find out what the Oracle of Omaha always carries in his pocket.

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How to Move and Still Have Cash Left for a Security Deposit

Moving tips and tricks that get the job done and keep your budget intact.

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Why You’re Not Helping Your Credit Score by Getting a Co-Signer

The dangers of co-signed loans are plentiful for those signing on as the well-established borrower with good credit. However, co-signed loans can get just as sticky for primary borrowers down the line. With so many risks involved with co-signing for both parties involved, borrowers should fully understand the repercussions of having someone co-sign their loans....

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How Roth IRAs Give Gen Y a Fighting Chance

Don't wait to start saving for your future.

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Why All-Inclusive Vacation Packages Are a Trap

Can vacation packages help your dream getaway take flight? It depends.

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How to Switch Banks to a Credit Union or Local Bank

Wondering how to switch banks? Transitioning away from your current bank to a new credit union or local bank can be an intimidating prospect, but with an organized exit strategy and a commitment to your financial well-being, jumping ship to another financial institution can be a worthwhile and painless process. If you want to change...

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Survey Findings: Most People Think You’re Overspending on Back-to-School Shopping

One holiday shopping event that a majority of the country thinks is excessive.

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