Jennifer Calonia

Jennifer Calonia, Editorial Manager

Jennifer Calonia is a personal finance journalist covering topics about banking, consumer savings, loans and debt. Her features and helpful savings tips encourage and empower households across America to achieve financial balance.

Articles by Jennifer Calonia

4 Tips to Cut Your Monthly Housing Costs

There's no place like home. And there's no feeling like saving money on one.
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Who Gets to Claim the Kids When Filing Taxes?

Raising children can be expensive, so how should you determine who can claim them when filing taxes?
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4 Tips to Cut Your Monthly Bank Fees

Sweep those fees under the rug for good.
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4 Tips to Cut Your Monthly Phone and Cable Bills in Half

This is one financial drama you don't want to watch.

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Hey Ladies: Don’t Miss Out on the Broke Boyfriend Tax Exemption

Time to claim your due, and the IRS has increased what it will pay you.

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Costs of Local Vs. Long-Distance Relationships: Who Gets the Better Deal?

Are long-distance relationships the next discount deal?

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How to Save Money When Dating or In a Relationship

Don't let your relationship weigh your wallet down.

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