All you need to Know About Personal Finance Credit Scores

5 Reasons Even Millionaires Need Good Credit Scores

The super rich might think they don't need a good credit score -- which is why many don't have one. But bad credit is bad news for everyone,...

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Credit Score

Let us count the ways.

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VIDEO: 5 Quick Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Raise your credit score by 100 points this year -- watch how.

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4 Warning Signs Your Teen Is Destined for Bad Credit

If they're doing these things now, they'll likely be missing payments in the future.

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7 Ways You’re Accidentally Improving Your Credit

You might not even know that you're diligently building your credit. But with these simple moves, you are.

7 Weird Things That Affect Your Credit Score

From neglecting parking tickets to accepting credit card offers, you might not know you're hurting your credit score. Here are seven strange...

7 Ways to Get an 800 Credit Score

Attaining perfect credit could change your life -- but it's not easy. These are the tools you need to join the 800 Club.

How Credit Cards Help and Hurt Your Credit Score

Credit cards can be a financial trap -- it's up to you whether they're useful or harmful.

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