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Savings Account Rates Today: Utah Power Credit Union at 1.00% APY

One of the greatest challenges of opening a savings account is finding one that offers a competitive interest rate. This is particularly difficult when searching for a simple, straightforward savings account. Fortunately, Utah Power Credit Union offers amazing rates for all of its accounts, including its regular share savings account. Individuals who open one today...

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Why Do Credit Card Companies Offer High-Yield Savings Accounts?

They've got what the banks don't.

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Commonwealth Credit Union Round Up Savings Interest Rate at 5.00% APY

A high-yield savings account that's anything but common.

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10 Cheap Fitness Apps to Replace Your Gym Membership

Pump up the savings and your health with these fitness apps.

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How Do Your Finances Measure Up to the Average American?

Are your finances like other Americans?

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6 Simple Tips for Growing Your Savings Account

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

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Savings Account Interest Rates Today: First Class American Credit Union at 10.38% APY

Paying it forward is the practice of doing something good for others, like volunteering your time or donating money to a worthy cause. If giving back to others is a priority, how will you save money as quickly as possible to aid in that goal? The First Class American Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas, designed its unique “Pay it Forward” savings account for this very...

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How to Find the Best Savings Account Interest Rates

Just about every bank and credit union offers some type of savings account – often several – which makes finding and comparing accounts time-consuming and difficult. That’s why we do the work for you by collecting savings interest rates from local, national and online financial institutions across the nation and rank them in our rates table from the best savings account rates to the lowest. This lets you see the most competitive rates without any of the work.

You should know that the best interest rates are not the only thing you should be looking at when comparing savings accounts, however. Things like fees, account minimums and bank stability should also be considered.