Financial NewsPersonal finance is a big part of every person’s life. Opening a savings account, investing in the stock market, or being knowledgeable about the best way to take out a home or auto loan requires the right information in order to make the most out of your money. This is why staying abreast of financial news is crucial to becoming money savvy and finance smart.

Much like following world and local news, and the current events of the day, keeping informed about finance makes us savvier and wiser, but also helps us make informed financial decisions.

A Growing Financial News Network is the fastest growing financial news network online today, where anyone can get the latest economic analysis and forecasting on a variety of financial topics, from an array of financial sources, experts and contributors.

Simply put, our site was created to make navigating through the world of finance easier. By better connecting people with the banks and institutions they do business with, they can obtain better interest rates and financial outcomes.

Current Financial News

Some current financial news topics publishes include:

  • Banking. Our readers need to know how financial institutions like banks and credit unions changing the way they do business. It could be changes to ATM fees or national banking policies, successful bank mergers or failed banking ventures — they all affect what happens to our finances. How about athletes or celebrities? Their financial decisions, both wise and wasteful, can influence what we do with our own money.
  • Taxes. Are there upcoming increases in the taxes you pay? With tax season coming up, filing procedures and deadlines may change that you’ll want to know about — we have that information here at Go Banking Rates.
  • Economy. From the National Treasury to Capitol Hill, U.S. financial news, the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling, to European fiscal issues and more, we publish numerous stories and features about world financial matters, and how they affect you, the personal financier.
  • Mortgage rates, foreclosures and more. The housing market is still in recovery, so if you’re on the lookout for buying a new home, be on the lookout for mortgage news right here. Find out where the best home loan interest rates are, and be aware of areas with high incidents of foreclosure.


Financial Knowledge is Financial Power

In addition to what’s current in the financial world, Go Banking Rates is the number one source for finding the best interest rate offered by our trusted partners, banks and credit unions across the country. When we publish the most up-to-date rates for CDs, savings accounts, high-yield checking packages, and home and auto loans, we provide you with the best financial news you can ever receive. By having first-hand knowledge of interest rates today, straight from us to you, you can decide what direction you take your saving and spending — turning your personal finances into the best financial news you’ve ever seen.

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