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Buying a new home is one of the largest purchases Americans make in their lifetime. Doing your part to make sure you keep costs low by finding the lowest mortgage rates today and being smart about which home loan you choose can keep you in the black.
Types of Mortgage Loans:
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM) or a traditional mortgage: A fixed mortgage loan is a loan with an interest that does not fluctuate and remains fixed at the same APR during the life of the loan.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): The mortgage interest rates of adjustable rate mortgages fluctuate at a regular interval and change based on current mortgage rates.
  • Hybrid Mortgage: Hybrid mortgage loans are a relatively recent development among mortgage lenders and their terms fuse the benefits of a fixed mortgage and an ARM.
  • More: Refinance mortgage loans, Renting and Foreclosure.
If you've decided to work toward buying a home, you'll need to have a down payment prepared before seeing a mortgage lender. The down payment is essential in the home loan process, as it helps to secure the loan and can possibly give you an in to more competitive mortgage interest rates and offers. The general amount that borrower should save is at least 20 percent of the home price. This amount may seem really high, especially for those who don't have an expanse of savings funds waiting to be spent, but keeping to this recommended down payment guideline can save you money in mortgage rates down the line. Read more Mortgage Rates Tips, Mortgage Loan Reviews from GOBankingRates.

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