All You Need to Know About Personal Finance Loans

Personal finance loans are borrowing options for individuals who need extra cash to manage short- or long-term financial obligations. Similar to other loan products, personal finance loans are borrowed at an interest rate known as an annual percentage rate (APR) and are repaid, usually in monthly installments.

Should I Take Out a Personal Finance Loan?

Personal finance loans can be handy for individuals in need of a large sum of money relatively quickly. Whether you have a financial or medical emergency or want to make repairs to your home, these loans give you the flexibility to afford financial obligations you might otherwise be unable to meet.

Learn More About Personal Finance Loans

To help you learn more about personal finance loans, take a moment to explore some of the tools and resources provided by GOBankingRates:

  • Personal finance loan calculator: This calculator helps you determine how much your loan payments could cost you each pay period based on the amount of the loan, its interest rate and loan period, and your payment frequency.
  • Promotions on personal loans: Take time to explore promotions on personal finance loans offered by financial institutions across the country.
  • Tips on personal loans: Not sure how to find the right personal loan or want to learn how to select the best offers? Take a look at GOBankingRates’ personal finance articles.
You can also explore articles to learn all about personal loans, including the risks associated with payday loans and ways to convince your lender to give you a personal loan when a bankruptcy is on your credit report.

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