Here’s Your Axos Bank Routing Number

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Axos Bank is an online bank that’s been serving customers since 2000. Although it has no traditional bank branches, it still functions the same as other banks and offers its customers the ability to execute wire transfers — which require a routing number. Keep reading to learn more about Axos’ routing number.

Axos Bank Routing Number

You’ll need to provide a routing number, also known as a transit number, when issuing wire transfers. Here’s the info on Axos Bank:

Axos Bank Routing Number 

Because it’s online bank without branch locations in multiple states, Axos only has one routing number you need to worry about.

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit security code that banks use to identify each other during wire transfers. Routing numbers are also known as ABA numbers, short for American Bankers Association. The ABA created routing numbers more than a century ago. They were initially used to identify the final processing point of checks but have since expanded to cover a number of transactions, such as online payments.

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Can Banks Have Multiple Routing Numbers?

Yes, banks can have multiple routing numbers. This depends on a number of factors, such as the bank’s size. Some of the largest banks, including Wells Fargo and Citibank, have many different routing numbers to cover different states.

How Do You Find a Routing Number on a Check?

Your routing number is located on the bottom-left corner of your check, next to your account number. Remember that a routing number is always nine digits and account numbers are between 10 and 12 digits.

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What Is the Routing Number for International Transfers?

SWIFT codes are essentially routing numbers used in international wire transfers. They function in the same way by letting different financial institutions identify each other. Here are the Axos Bank details:

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To complete an outbound wire transfer with Axos, you’ll need to fill out a wire transfer form, which can be found on its website. Wire cut-off times are 1 p.m. Pacific Time for domestic transfers and 12 noon PT for international transfers.

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