Here’s Your FNBO Direct Routing Number

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FNBO Direct is the online banking service provided by the First National Bank of Omaha. As a strictly digital service, customers can open and access high-yield online savings and checking accounts. Even as an online bank, FNBO Direct still uses a routing number for domestic transfers. Keep reading to learn your FNBO Direct routing number.

FNBO Direct Routing Number

Although FNBO uses multiple routing numbers to serve different states, FNBO Direct only has one routing number:

FNBO Direct Routing Number

Because FNBO Direct is an online bank, it only uses the routing number based on where it’s headquartered, which is in Omaha, Nebraska.

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What Is a Routing Number?

Banks use routing numbers to identify each other. Routing numbers have nine digits that contain chunks of information that confirm the identities of the financial institutions involved in banking transactions. The history of routing numbers stretches back over a century. The American Bankers Association formerly introduced them back in 1910. Originally used to identify check-processing endpoints, the routing number now serves a variety of functions, including online payment processing.

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Can Banks Have Multiple Routing Numbers?

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Yes, they can. Unlike FNBO Direct, FNBO uses different routing numbers depending on where its customers live. You can find different FNBO numbers on the bank’s website. Nationwide banks like Wells Fargo and Citibank are other examples of banks that use multiple routing numbers.

How Do You Find a Routing Number on a Check?

The routing number on a check is located in the bottom-left corner, right before your account number. If you ever find a different routing number on your check than the one on your bank’s website, it likely means that the routing number was assigned based on your bank’s location.

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What Is the Routing Number for International Transfers?

FNBO Direct does not have a SWIFT code, which is a routing number for international transfers. Customers can only execute domestic wire transfers with their FNBO Direct account, according to a bank representative GOBankingRates spoke to. FNBO, however, does have a SWIFT code.


If you link your FNBO Direct account to an FNBO account that can receive international wires, you can circumvent that limitation.

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