How To Avoid PNC Bank’s Monthly Maintenance Fees

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As with most banks, PNC Bank’s monthly maintenance fees can be avoided by understanding how the financial institution’s products work. Few people read the fine print when they sign up with a bank. There are lots of boring — and sometimes confusing — rules and requirements in a bank’s terms and conditions sheet, but if you can power through it, you’ll also find valuable information on how to work around the monthly fees.

PNC Bank fees are similar to other banking institutions’, but the bank gives customers the option of avoiding them by maintaining a minimum balance and keeping deposit activity regular. GOBankingRates has closely examined PNC’s fine print for you, so you know what to expect before you open a checking or savings account.

Here’s everything you need to know about PNC bank fees, and most importantly, how you can avoid them.

What Are PNC Bank Checking Account Fees?

The PNC Standard Checking Account fee is $7 monthly, but the fee can be up to $25 depending on the checking account type.

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Here’s a closer look at PNC Bank’s main checking accounts.

PNC Bank Fees

PNC Bank Monthly Maintenance Fees

Account Monthly Service Fee Earns Interest
Performance Select Checking $25 Yes
Performance Checking $15 Yes
Interest Checking $13 Yes
Foundation Checking $5 No
Standard Checking $7 No

The associated PNC Bank checking account fees include:

PNC Bank Checking Account Fees

Fee Amount Charged
Out-of-network ATM In the U.S.: $3; outside the U.S.: $5
Overdraft $36
Foreign exchange rate Varies
Wire transfers $15-$45

What Are PNC Bank Savings Account Fees?

PNC Bank monthly savings account fees are as high as $12 per month, potentially offsetting any interest you might earn on your deposits.

PNC Bank Savings Account Fees

Account Monthly Service Fee Annual Percentage Yield
Premier Money Market $12 Up to 0.02% APY depending on balance and accounts
Standard Savings $5 Up to 0.01% APY depending on balance and accounts

How To Avoid PNC Bank Monthly Maintenance Fees

It’s important to find ways to save on a bank’s monthly maintenance fees before you open an account — especially if you’re looking at a savings account to benefit from the interest you can earn. Considering that the PNC Bank savings account fee is as high as $12 per month, you’d have to keep a very high balance to earn more in interest than the monthly fee you’d pay.

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Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid PNC Bank monthly maintenance fees. The best part is, you only have to meet one of the many options to save yourself some cash.

1. Maintain a Minimum Checking Account Balance

PNC Bank requires you to keep a minimum amount of money in your accounts to avoid fees. To get your PNC checking account fees waived, keep the following minimum average monthly balances:

2. Maintain a Minimum Savings Account Balance

As with the bank’s checking accounts, PNC Bank savings account fees will be waived if you keep a minimum amount of money saved away. You’ll need to keep the following minimum average monthly balances:

3. Link Your Bank Accounts

When you link your checking and savings accounts, PNC will add up all your balances and use the total as your monthly average balance, helping you avoid fees. Here’s how much you’ll need in combined account balances to skip the monthly maintenance fees for all accounts:

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4. Set Up Direct Deposit

You can get the PNC Bank monthly maintenance fee waived when you have your employer direct deposit your paycheck to your account every month. Direct deposits save you time and money. You won’t have to worry about going to the bank on Fridays to deposit your paycheck, and you’ll have the chance to get your monthly banking fee waived. Here are the minimum amounts you’ll need in direct deposits:

5. Take Advantage of PNC’s Bank Waiver Based on Your Age

Besides all the previously mentioned opportunities to save on the monthly banking fees, you can save money if you’re a senior. PNC Bank will waive the $7 per month maintenance fee it charges on its Standard Checking account if you’re 62 years old or older.

How To Avoid PNC Bank Bank Overdraft Fees

To avoid PNC Bank’s high overdraft fees, keep a register of your debit card spending, electronic payments and other transactions to know how much is coming out of your account and when. To avoid overdrawing your account, keep a balance of at least $200 to account for any transactions you’ve forgotten.

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A single $36 overdraft fee is almost 10 coffee shop lattes — a considerable amount of money when you’re on a budget. Even worse, PNC can charge you up to four overdraft fees in one day, costing you up to $156 in a single day if you don’t stay on top of your spending. You can link your PNC savings account, and the bank will cover your overdrawn funds by transferring the amount required to your checking account for free.

How To Avoid PNC Bank ATM Fees

You can withdraw from PNC’s ATM network for free. Going outside of the network will cost you $3 per transaction. But you can still enjoy the convenience of free ATMs with the following accounts, which will reimburse a certain amount of out-of-network fees:

How PNC Bank’s Account Fees Compare to Other Banks’

Here’s an overview of how PNC checking account fees, as well as savings fees, compare.

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PNC Bank Fees Comparison

Fee PNC Bank Wells Fargo Chase Bank of America Citibank
Monthly maintenance Up to $25 Up to $15 Up to $25 Up to $25 Up to $30
Out-of-network ATM withdrawal In U.S.: $3.00

Outside U.S.: $5

In U.S.: $2.50

Outside U.S.: $5

In U.S.: $2.50

Outside U.S.: $5

In U.S.: $2.50

Outside U.S.: $5

$2.50; additional 3% fee for transactions made outside U.S. and Puerto Rico
Overdraft (nonsufficient funds) $36 $35 $34 $35 $34
Excess transactions $15 each $15 $5 $10 No fee
Wire transfer $15-$45 $15-$30 $15-$50 Varies $15-$45
International debit purchase Varies 3% of transaction 3% of transaction 3% of transaction 3% of transaction

Getting the Most Out of Your PNC Bank Bank Account

Look for PNC bank promotions for more earnings on your money. There are three current promotions that will earn you up to $300 as a cash bonus. Even better, you’ll also avoid PNC Bank monthly maintenance fees if you follow the steps to qualify.

Avoiding PNC Bank Monthly Maintenance Fees Is Achievable

PNC offers many sought-after banking services, such as a wide network of ATMs, online banking and a variety of checking and saving products that earn interest. Unfortunately, the bank’s fees can add up. But there are several ways you can avoid PNC Bank fees. Some include linking your accounts together to meet PNC’s minimum balance, setting up your paycheck as a direct deposit and using PNC ATMs to make withdrawals.

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