Here’s Your U.S. Bank Routing Number

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If you need to find your U.S. Bank routing number in a hurry and don’t have your checkbook handy, don’t worry. Consult this table that shows each U.S. Bank number for every state and its regions. Then, if you ever need the number that identifies U.S. Bank in your area, you’ll be able to find your routing number in seconds.

U.S. Bank Routing Numbers by State:

U.S. Bank Routing Numbers by State
State Routing Number
Alabama 091000022
Alaska 091000022
Arizona 122105155
Arkansas 082000549
California — Northern 121122676
California — Southern 122235821
Colorado — Aspen 102101645
Colorado — all other areas 102000021
Connecticut 091000022
Delaware 091000022
District of Columbia 091000022
Florida 091000022
Georgia 091000022
Hawaii 091000022
Idaho 123103729
Illinois — Northern 071904779
Illinois — Southern 081202759
Indiana 074900783
Iowa — Council Bluffs 104000029
Iowa — all other areas 073000545
Kansas 101000187
Kentucky — Northern 042100175
Kentucky — Western 083900363
Louisiana 091000022
Maine 091000022
Maryland 091000022
Massachusetts 091000022
Michigan 091000022
Minnesota — East Grand Forks 091215927
Minnesota — Moorhead 091300023
Minnesota — all other areas 091000022
Mississippi 091000022
Missouri 081000210
Missouri — Western 101200453
Montana 092900383
Nebraska 104000029
Nevada 121201694
New Hampshire 091000022
New Jersey 091000022
New Mexico 107002312
New York 091000022
North Carolina 064103707
North Dakota 091300023
Ohio — Cleveland 041202582
Ohio — all other areas 042000013
Oklahoma 091000022
Oregon 123000220
Pennsylvania 091000022
Rhode Island 091000022
South Carolina 091000022
South Dakota 091408501
Tennessee 064000059
Texas 091000022
Utah 124302150
Vermont 091000022
Virginia 091000022
Washington 125000105
West Virginia 091000022
Wisconsin 075000022
Wyoming 307070115

A Better Way to Bank

You can use your routing number to set up bill pay online, transfer funds and more. The following information explains why banks use routing numbers and how to find the routing number you need.

What Is a Routing Number?

Routing numbers, also known as ABA transit numbers, identify specific federal- and state-chartered financial institutions so that when people conduct banking transactions, their money goes to the right place. The American Bankers Association established the ABA number in 1910.

Each routing number is comprised of nine digits that serve as an identifying code for financial transactions. The first four digits comprise the Federal Reserve routing symbol, the next four identify the institution and the last represents a mathematical calculation that verifies the accuracy of the routing number.

How To Find Your Routing Number

There are a few ways to find a U.S. Bank routing number. If you remember which state you opened your account in, just use the chart above or simply follow the steps below.

A Better Way to Bank

If you have a U.S. Bank checking account, you can also find your routing number on a check — the check routing number is the first nine numbers in the lower left corner. You might not have a check handy, however, so you can also call U.S. Bank any time at 800-872-2657 to find the routing number for your account. If you are at all confused about which number to use, you should consider calling U.S. Bank because using the right number could mean the difference between your money going into the right or wrong account.

U.S. Bank has more than one check routing number, in adherence with federal requirements. The Federal Reserve Bank’s Routing Directory mandates that some banks and credit unions, including smaller institutions, have single universal routing numbers and others — particularly larger, nationwide banks — have multiple routing numbers that include area-specific digits. The first two digits of a bank routing number indicate its Federal Reserve region — there are 12 regions nationwide.

A Better Way to Bank

How to Use Your U.S. Bank Routing Number to Wire Money Internationally

If someone is wiring money to you from another country, you must supply your specific information with U.S. Bank. You need to provide your U.S. Bank account number and your name as it appears on the account.

You also must use SWIFT code USBKUS44IMT, which is the U.S. Bank number for international wire transfers. The international money wiring system’s SWIFT code is comparable to the ABA number used in domestic banking transactions. If you need a bank routing number for your savings account or IRA, call U.S. Bank at 800-872-2657.

Use Accurate Routing Numbers for Successful Transactions

Using the right bank routing number is essential to expediting banking transactions and ensuring their accuracy. Errors in entering routing numbers for direct deposits can result in tax refunds being delayed or even being deposited in the wrong accounts, according to the IRS.

You can usually find your routing number on a check in the lower left corner but you might not always have access to a check when you need your number. In that case, consult the U.S. Bank number chart to help you find routing number information for your area.

Information accurate as of Feb. 15, 2022.